Grocers are important partners of the Vermont WIC Program

We rely on you to:

  • Provide access to safe and nutritious foods for WIC families

  • Offer competitive prices to help WIC reach the greatest number of eligible participants

  • Understand and support WIC’s mission

  • Maintain a minimum inventory of WIC foods

  • Offer a positive shopping experience

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It is very important that you update the Vermont APL into your system daily to ensure participants can purchase all WIC-approved foods. 

Become a WIC Grocer

Grocers benefit by accepting WIC and allowing participants to shop for a variety of fresh, healthy food. If you are interested in becoming a WIC grocer, review important program requirements in the Vermont Grocer Handbook.


Grocer Handbook ContentPage
WIC Program Overview1
Requirements for Becoming a WIC Grocer5
Grocer and Cashier Training9
WIC Approved Foods11
Technical Requirements for Accepting WIC EBTAppendix I
VT WIC Minimum Inventory for Chains, Large Grocers and Large CoopsAppendix III
VT WIC Minimum Inventory for Small Independent Grocers and Small CoopsAppendix IV
Authorized Infant Formula Supplier ListAppendix V
WIC Comment FormAppendix VI
Resources for WIC Grocers

Vermont WIC Program & Shopping Guide (available in DariNepali, PashtoSomali, Spanish and Swahili)

Vermont WIC Foods (available in DariFrenchNepali, PashtoSomali, Spanish, and Swahili)

WIC Cashier Tip Card as a reference for troubleshooting transactions. 

WIC Training Log for store staff to complete after initial and annual trainings as required for the VT WIC Program.

Price Survey Demo for grocers to complete every 3 years for re-authorization

Shelf Tag Orders -  Email [email protected] (If you would like to develop and use your own shelf signs, you must first obtain permission from the state office. Email WIC at [email protected] with your request and attach a copy of your draft materials)

Visit the Shopping with WIC page to find a list of WIC Authorized Grocers 


Contact the Vermont WIC Vendor Manager at 1-800-649-4357 or (802) 652-4183, or email [email protected] attention: WIC Vendor Manager

Training Modules
Training ModuleDescription 
WIC Grocer Training Module 1 - GrocersGet to know the basics of the WIC program, your role as a WIC grocer and resources and support available. This module is appropriate for all grocer staff (corporate staff, local managers and cashiers). 
WIC Grocer Training Module 2 - WIC FoodsLearn the details of the WIC-approved foods by category and what is entailed in keeping a minimum inventory stocked in your store. This module is appropriate for all grocer staff (corporate staff, local managers and cashiers). 
WIC Grocer Training Module 3 - Customer ServiceReview expectations for customer service for WIC shoppers. This module is appropriate for all grocer staff (corporate staff, local managers and cashiers). 
WIC Grocer Training Module 4 - Process TransactionsLearn how WIC transactions are different than SNAP and what to do if a transaction fails. This module is appropriate for all grocer staff (corporate staff, local managers and cashiers). 
WIC Grocer Training Module 5 - Monitoring and ComplianceUnderstand WIC’s role in monitoring grocers and violations and sanctions (This module is appropriate for corporate staff and local managers). 
WIC Grocer Training Module 6 - What's NewUpdated annually, learn about changes to the Approved Product List and State program updates. This module is appropriate for all grocer staff (corporate staff, local managers and cashiers). 
USDA Food Package video  
Check Your Knowledge  
Check Your Knowledge - Answers  
Food Guide Scavenger Hunt  
Vermont WIC’s Approved Products List and UPC Database
WIC Approved Products ListOctober 2023PDF
WIC UPC Database June 2024Updated MonthlyEXCEL
Shopping Videos for WIC Families
The following shopping videos were developed for WIC families, particularly those new to WIC or who are having challenges shopping: 

Understanding Vermont WIC Food Benefits (view in NepaliSomali, Maay Maay or Spanish) - Monthly food benefits are one part of the WIC program. Learn more about WIC foods

How to Check Your WIC Balance (view in NepaliSomali, Maay Maay or Spanish) - Know before you go! Learn the different ways to check your WIC food balance to plan your shopping trip

Look for Specific Foods (view in NepaliSomali, Maay Maay or Spanish) - Check for specific sizes and types of foods - some can be trickier to find in the store. You got this! 

Know the Checkout System (view in NepaliSomali, Maay Maay or Spanish) - You've planned, you've picked your foods. Now know the checkout where you shop

5 Tips for WIC Shopping (view in NepaliSomali, Maay Maay or Spanish) - Let's face it, shopping for WIC foods can be challenging at first. It gets easier and these 5 tips will help

Fair Hearings

If a Grocer Application is rejected for any reason except incompleteness and a grocer wishes to appeal the decision, the grocer must request a fair hearing by writing within 30 days of receiving the non-selection letter to the following address

WIC Grocer Manager
Vermont Department of Health
Vermont WIC Program
280 State Drive
Waterbury, VT 05671-8360

Product Submission for Food Manufacturers

Thank you for choosing to submit your product to the Vermont WIC Program for consideration. We select foods for inclusion in the Vermont Food Guide based on federal regulations, statewide availability, packaging and cost. Not all food submissions will be approved.

Vermont provides food benefits through an Electronic Benefits Transfer system. All eligible products require a UPC or PLU code. All allowed fresh fruits and vegetables with an individual UPC code needs to be mapped to the closest PLU code or to 4469.

If you wish to be on Vermont WIC’s email distribution list please call or email us:

Vermont WIC Program
Phone: 802-863-7333
800-649-4357 (in Vermont)
[email protected]  Attn: Andrea

Product Submission Instructions

Foods currently on Vermont WIC's approved food list do not need to be resubmitted.

Submission Timeline

  • For Brand Specific food categories, please submit your product for consideration between February 1 and March 31 for inclusion beginning October 1.   
  • For Non-Brand Specific foods that meet Vermont WIC standards, please submit at any time for immediate inclusion in our UPC database.


Categories in the Vermont WIC Foods are either Brand Specific or Non-Brand Specific:

  • Brand Specific Foods – These products are identified by brand in the Vermont WIC Foods. Current Brand Specific Food categories include Cheese, Tofu, Soymilk Beverage, Yogurt, Peanut Butter, Whole Grain Bread, Whole Wheat Pasta, Whole Wheat Tortillas, Breakfast Cereal (cold and hot), Juice, and Infant Foods.
  • Non-brand Specific Foods – These products are not specified by brand in the Vermont WIC Foods but are considered ‘Any Brand Allowed.’ Current non-brand specific food categories include: Milk, Eggs, Beans, Canned Fish (Chunk Light Tuna, Sardines and Salmon) and Brown Rice. Manufacturers may submit products that meet eligibility requirements as they become available. Please email Andrea Miller, and include the information that is requested in the Vermont Product Submission spreadsheet.

Submission Requirements

Prior to submission, please verify that your products meet requirements set forth by USDA:

Prior to submission, please verify that your product(s) meet Vermont eligibility requirements:


It is the responsibility of the submitter to notify the Vermont WIC Program of all changes and the effective date of each change to a product included in the Vermont WIC Foods and in our UPC database, including, but not limited to, UPC, package design, container size, ingredients, and/or discontinuance of a product or eligible size.

If you have any questions or for more information, contact [email protected]. 

Not a WIC Food But Should Be?

If you find a food item that, according to the Vermont WIC Foods, should be allowed, but the UPC does not debit from a WIC account, send us an update request. We may have missed a UPC so the product is not scanning properly.

Here’s what you can do:

Send an email to [email protected] and include the following information:

  • Product name
  • Package size
  •  Price
  • UPC number from the bar code - give all 12 numbers, including the little ones at the beginning and end.
Contact us

For help or more information, contact the Vermont WIC Program by email at [email protected] or call 800-464-4343 | 802-863-7200 | Fax: 802-863-7229 | TTY/TDD: Dial 711 first. Or contact your local office.

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