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Vermont PRAMS (Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System) is an ongoing survey of Vermont mothers who recently gave birth. PRAMS is a research study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Vermont Department of Health. The goal of PRAMS is to improve the health of mothers and infants by reducing adverse outcomes such as low birth weight, infant mortality and morbidity, and maternal morbidity.

PRAMS was initiated nationally in 1987 because infant mortality rates were no longer declining as rapidly as they had in prior years. Vermont PRAMS began collecting data in 2001 in response to increasing low birth weight rates in the state in the late 1990s. Forty-seven states, New York City, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia and the Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board, currently participate in PRAMS, representing approximately 83% of all U.S. live births.

Vermont PRAMS provides data about pregnancy and the first few months after birth that is not available from other sources. These data can be used to identify groups of women and infants at high risk for health problems, to monitor changes in population health, and to measure progress towards goals in improving the health of mothers and infants.

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PRAMS Phase Nine Questionnaire

Launched in May 2023, the Phase Nine questionnaire starts with the 2023 birth cohort. 

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PRAMS Reports and Surveys

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Date PostedTitleTopicMost Recent Births
10/26/2022Vermont PRAMS Highlights, 2020 BirthsGeneral2020
11/24/2020Vermont Moms and COVID-19: PRAMS CommentsCOVID-192020
05/21/2020Trends in Postpartum Contraception - Vermont PRAMSContraception2018
12/03/2019Work Leave After Delivery – Vermont PRAMS 2016-2018Workplace Leave2018
10/31/2019Vermont PRAMS Highlights, 2018 BirthsGeneral      2018
09/23/2019Smoking Cessation Attempts During Pregnancy - Vermont PRAMS 2016-2017Tobacco2017
09/09/2019Alcohol Use & Pregnancy: PRAMS 2016-2017Alcohol and Drug Use2017
06/28/2019Maternal Stressors and Health BehaviorsStress/Abuse/Mental Health2015
06/28/2019Maternal Oral Health Care, 2012-2015Oral Health2015
06/28/2019Infant Safe Sleep Practices, 2012-2015Safe Sleep2015
06/17/2019PRAMS in Northern New England, 2016-2017 BirthsGeneral2017
06/17/2019Maternal Substance Use Presentation, 2016-2017 BirthsAlcohol and Drug Use2017
05/31/2019Depression, 2016 BirthsStress/Abuse/Mental Health2016
05/13/2019Immunization: Flu Shot and Tdap, 2017 BirthsFlu/Immunization2017
02/14/2019Vermont PRAMS Highlights, 2017 BirthsGeneral2017
11/08/2018Vermont PRAMS Highlights, 2016 BirthsGeneral2016
02/22/2018Flu Vaccination and Healthcare Worker Advice, 2012-2015 Vermont PRAMSFlu/Immunization2015
02/23/2018Vermont PRAMS Highlights, 2015 BirthsGeneral2015
12/15/2017Pregnancy Intendedness: Services Needed & Depression, 2012-2014 BirthsPregnancy Planning2014
12/11/2017Breastfeeding, 2014 Vermont BirthsBreastfeeding2014
12/04/2017Maternal Depression, 2012-2014 Vermont BirthsStress/Abuse/Mental Health2014
07/31/2017Work and Workplace Leave, 2012-2014 BirthsWorkplace Leave2014
06/30/2017Oral Health Care, 2012-2014 BirthsOral Health2014
06/20/2017Gestational Weight Gain, 2014 BirthsGestational Weight Gain2014
06/02/2017Vermont PRAMS Zika Brief, No. 1Zika2016
04/14/2017Vermont PRAMS Highlights, 2014 BirthsGeneral2014
04/05/2017Postpartum Contraception Use, 2012-2013Contraception2013
04/05/2017Smoking Cessation During Pregnancy, 2012-2013Tobacco2013
02/10/2017Marijuana Use 2009-2013Alcohol and Drug Use2013
03/22/2016Vermont PRAMS Highlights, 2013 BirthsGeneral2013
02/05/2016Tobacco Cessation Strategies & Outcomes, 2012 BirthsTobacco2012
01/29/2016Breastfeeding and Childbirth Preparation Classes, 2012 BirthsBreastfeeding2012
12/07/2015Vermont PRAMS Highlights, 2012 BirthsGeneral2012
09/25/2015Breastfeeding 2009-2011, Part 2Breastfeeding2011
08/14/2015Breastfeeding 2009-2011, Part 1Breastfeeding2011
06/26/2015Alcohol Use 2009-2011, Part 3Alcohol and Drug Use2011
06/19/2015Alcohol Use 2009-2011, Part 2Alcohol and Drug Use2011
06/12/2015Alcohol Use 2009-2011, Part 1Alcohol and Drug Use 2011
06/05/2015Safe Sleep, 2009-2011Safe Sleep2011
05/22/2015Postpartum Contraception Use, 2009-2011Pregnancy Planning2011
01/09/2015Tobacco Use 2009-2011, Part 3Tobacco2011
11/20/2014Tobacco Use 2009-2011, Part 2Tobacco2011
09/12/2014Tobacco Use 2009-2011, Part 1Tobacco2011
09/05/2014Vermont PRAMS Overview 2001-2011General2011
09/27/20132009-2011 Influenza VaccineFlu/Immunization2011
07/26/20132011 Vermont PRAMS HighlightsGeneral2011
11/02/2012Oral Health, Part 2Oral Health2010
10/26/2012Oral Health, Part 1Oral Health2010
08/24/20122010 Vermont PRAMS HighlightsGeneral2010
11/18/20112009-2010 Flu Season: Seasonal Influenza VaccineFlu/Immunization2010
11/04/2011Stressors Before and During Pregnancy, Part 3Stress/Abuse/Mental Health2009
10/28/2011Stressors Before and During Pregnancy, Part 2Stress/Abuse/Mental Health2009
10/21/2011Stressors Before and During Pregnancy, Part 1Stress/Abuse/Mental Health2009
09/23/20112009 Vermont PRAMS HighlightsGeneral2009
04/08/2011Domestic Abuse, Part 4Stress/Abuse/Mental Health2008
03/25/2011Domestic Abuse, Part 3Stress/Abuse/Mental Health2008
11/05/2010Domestic Abuse, Part 2Stress/Abuse/Mental Health2008
10/22/2010Domestic Abuse, Part 1Stress/Abuse/Mental Health2008
10/01/2010Prenatal Counseling, Part 9Prenatal Care2008
09/10/2010Prenatal Counseling, Part 8Prenatal Care2008
08/27/2010Prenatal Counseling, Part 7Prenatal Care2008
08/06/2010Prenatal Counseling, Part 6Prenatal Care2008
07/09/2010Prenatal Counseling, Part 5Prenatal Care2008
07/02/2010Alcohol Use, State ComparisonAlcohol and Drug Use2007
05/14/2010Prenatal Care TimingPrenatal Care2007
01/22/2010Contraception UsePregnancy Planning2007
12/18/2009Unintended PregnanciesPregnancy Planning2007
11/06/2009Prenatal Counseling, Part 4Prenatal Care2008
06/26/2009Prenatal Counseling, Part 3Prenatal Care2008
06/12/2009Prenatal Counseling, Part 2Prenatal Care2008
05/29/2009Prenatal Counseling, Part 1Prenatal Care2007
03/20/2009AlcoholAlcohol and Drug Use2006
11/21/2008Co-SleepingSafe Sleep2006
10/24/2008Postpartum DepressionStress/Abuse/Mental Health2006
09/28/2007PreconceptionPregnancy Planning2004
09/07/2007Breastfeeding, Part 2Breastfeeding2004
08/14/2007Breastfeeding, Part 1Breastfeeding2004
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PRAMS is monitored by the Vermont Agency of Human Services Institutional Review Board (AHS-IRB No. 24).

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