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Meetings of the full Board of Medical Practice generally take place on the first Wednesday of each month, unless the first Wednesday falls on a state holiday. In that case, the meeting is held on the second Wednesday of the month. Most meetings are now held virtually using Microsoft Teams. The meetings are open to the public and information about how to attend over Microsoft Teams is provided on the agenda. When a meeting is to be held in person, the location will be noted on the agenda. Agendas are normally posted here by the Friday preceding the meeting. While the meetings are open to the public, certain portions of meetings may be held in executive session, in accordance with the Vermont Public Meeting law. During executive session members of the public are excluded from the meeting. Often there is a mid-month meeting held on the second Wednesday after the meeting of the full Board. The main purpose for holding a mid-month meeting is to act on pending applications. 

The dates below are provided for your convenience, but the Board cannot guarantee that meetings will take place on every date listed, nor that licenses will be granted at each meeting. Meetings are subject to cancellation due to adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. The Board is able to approve licenses only if the number of members needed for a quorum participates in a meeting. 

Please note: The decision to hold a mid-month meeting is subject to the discretion of Board officials who determine if there is a sufficient number of applications ready for consideration to justify having a meeting that is held for the primary purpose of acting on applications. 

If you would like to participate in a meeting in person, please contact the Board at least 24 hours prior to the state of the meeting at [email protected] or (802) 657-4220

2024 Board Meetings
January 3AgendaMinutes
January 17AgendaMinutes
February 7AgendaMinutes
February 21AgendaMinutes
March 6AgendaMinutes
March 20AgendaMinutes
April 3AgendaMinutes
April 17AgendaMinutes
May 1AgendaMinutes
May 15AgendaMinutes
June 5AgendaMinutes
June 19AgendaMinutes
July 3AgendaMinutes
July 17AgendaMinutes
August 7AgendaMinutes
August 21AgendaMinutes
September 4AgendaMinutes
September 18AgendaMinutes
October 2AgendaMinutes
October 16AgendaMinutes
November 6AgendaMinutes
November 20AgendaMinutes
December 4AgendaMinutes
December 18AgendaMinutes


2023 Board Meetings
January 4AgendaMinutes
January 18AgendaMinutes
February 1AgendaMinutes
February 15AgendaMinutes
March 1AgendaMinutes
March 15AgendaMinutes
April 5AgendaMinutes
April 19AgendaMinutes
May 3AgendaMinutes
May 17AgendaMinutes
June 7AgendaMinutes
June 21AgendaMinutes
July 5AgendaMinutes
July 19AgendaMinutes
August 2AgendaMinutes
August 23AgendaMinutes
September 6AgendaMinutes
September 20AgendaMinutes
October 4AgendaMinutes
October 18AgendaMinutes
November 1AgendaMinutes
November 15AgendaMinutes
December 6AgendaMinutes
December 20AgendaMinutes


2022 Board Meetings
Date Agenda Minutes
January 5 Agenda Minutes
January 19 No Meeting No Meeting
January 19 Licensing Committee Emergency Meeting


February 2 Agenda Minutes
February 16 Agenda Minutes
March 2 Agenda Minutes
March 16 Agenda Minutes
April 6 Agenda Minutes
April 20 No Meeting No Meeting
May 4 Agenda Minutes
May 6 South Committee Emergency Meeting  
May 18 Agenda Minutes
June 1 Agenda  Minutes
June 15 Agenda Minutes
July 6 Agenda Minutes
July 20 No Meeting No Meeting
August 3 Agenda Minutes
August 17 Agenda Minutes
September 7 Agenda Minutes
September 9 Licensing Committee Emergency Meeting Minutes
September 21 Agenda Minutes
September 30 Central Committee Emergency Meeting Minutes
October 5 Agenda Minutes
October 19 Agenda Minutes
November 2 Agenda Minutes
November 16 Agenda Minutes
December 7 Agenda Minutes


2021 Board Meetings
Date Agendas Minutes
January 6 Agenda Minutes
January 20 Agenda Minutes 
February 3 Agenda Minutes
February 3 Agenda North Investigative Committee Emergency Meeting  
February 3 Agenda South Investigative Committee Emergency Meeting  
February 17 No Meeting No Meeting
March 3 Agenda Minutes
March 3 Centeral Investigative Committee Emergency Meeting  
March 17 No Meeting No Meeting
March 18 Central Investigative Committee Emergency Meeting   
April 7 Agenda Minutes
April 7 South Investigative Committee Emergency Meeting  
April 21 Agenda Minutes
May 5 Agenda Minutes
May 5 North Investigative Committee Emergency Meeting  
May 5 South Investigative Committee Emergency Meeting  
May 19 Agenda Minutes
June 2 Agenda Minutes
June 16 Agenda Minutes
July 7 Agenda Minutes
July 21 No Meeting No Meeting
August 4 Agenda Minutes 
August 18 No Meeting No Meeting
September 1 Agenda Minutes 
September 15 Agenda Minutes
October 6 Agenda Minutes
October 20 Agenda Minutes
November 3 Agenda Minutes
November 17 No Meeting No Meeting
December 1 Agenda Minutes
December 15 No Meeting No Meeting


Current Board Members




Rob Ciappenelli
Public Member
Richard Clattenburg
David Coddaire
Evan Eyler
Gail Falk
Public Member
Matthew Greenberg (Vice-Chair)
Rick A. Hildebrant (Chair)
Patricia Hunter
Public Member
Suzanne Jones
Physician Assistant
Leo LeCours
Public Member
David Liebow (Secretary)
Stephanie Lorentz
Public Member
Christine Payne
Dawn Philibert
Public Member
South Burlington
Marga Sproul
South Burlington
Margaret Tandoh
Robert E. Tortolani


Serving on the Board

The Board of Medical Practice is composed of medical professionals and public members who serve as a neutral and independent body commissioned to oversee the practice of medicine and to protect the public. The 17 members who are appointed by the Governor include 11 Vermont-licensed medical professionals (nine physicians, one physician assistant, and one podiatrist) and six public members. As a board member, you receive a $50 per diem, mileage reimbursement and a meal at each meeting.

Apply to Serve on the Board