Family planning allows people to choose if and when they want to have children. Family planning impacts the health and well-being of an individual, as well as their pregnancy. We work to make sure all Vermonters have access to quality family planning services, including support achieving a healthy pregnancy, pre-pregnancy health care, birth control and screening and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS.  

The Health Department manages the Title X Family Planning Services Program. This supports Title X services in 7 Planned Parenthood clinics across the state in order to provide high quality family planning and related preventive health services, education and counseling to Vermonters who would otherwise not have access.  

If you are an educator or provider looking for resources, please see the Resources for Educators and Providers page. 

Birth Control

Birth control — also known as contraception — prevents pregnancy and allows people to plan the timing of their pregnancy. There are many birth control methods available. It is best to talk with your health care provider about what options you have. Knowing what type of methods are available, how they work, how well each method works and understanding possible side effects can help you choose the birth control option right for you.  

If you are sexually active birth control helps prevent a pregnancy, but not all types prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Condoms are the only birth control that reduces your risk of both pregnancy and STDs, including HIV.  

Reproductive Coercion

Reproductive coercion is when a person tries to get their partner pregnant against their will or control the outcome of a pregnancy. This is done through threats, fear or tampering with birth control methods. Reproductive coercion may lead to unintended pregnancy. Talking about the health of your relationship with your health care provider can help.  

If you or someone you love is experiencing reproductive coercion, visit the Vermont Network for support and resources.  

Preventing Teen and Unintended Pregnancy

We support the efforts of a network of community based organizations working together to promote adolescent sexual health through the Personal Responsibility and Education Program (PREP). PREP empowers teens to make choices to support their life goals by providing education on abstinence and contraception to reduce the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to high-risk youth.

Plan for Pregnancy

Preconception health  focuses on things you can do before and between pregnancies to increase the chances of having a healthy pregnancy and baby. 

Whether this is your first pregnancy or you've been pregnant before, there are steps you can take to help ensure that you have the healthiest pregnancy possible.  

  • Seek medical care early in your pregnancy  

    • See your doctor to talk about things like medical conditions, medications, lifestyle and behaviors, vaccinations, stress and mental health.  

    • Here is a checklist of things you can discuss with your doctor to help you prepare. 

Information on Birth Control
Resource Description 
Planned Parenthood — Birth Control   Learn about types of birth control, includes filters to find a birth control option that is the best fit for you. 
Condoms  Information on using internal and external condoms correctly to prevent pregnancy and reduce your risk of STDs, including HIV. 


For Teens
Resource Description 
Power to Decide  Information on sex, love, and relationships for teens to make informed decisions. 
Amaze for Teens  Medically accurate, age-appropriate, and honest sex education for teens. 
Info for Teens  Information on sex, relationships, your body, and more. 


For Parents and Caregivers
Resource  Description 
Talking to Kids about Sex and Sexuality  Tips for talking to your child about sex and sexuality.
Amaze for Parents   Free resource to help you talk to your kids about everything from babies to bodies to gender to consent to relationships. 
Adolescent Sexual Health Resources  Information and resource from the Vermont Department of Health on adolescent sexual health.


Planning for Pregnancy
Resource Description 
Pregnancy   Get answers to all of your pregnancy questions and learn what you can do before, during, and after pregnancy to give your baby a heathy start to life. 
March of Dimes~ Before or Between Pregnancy  Information on planning ahead to achieve healthy pregnancies.