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Diabetes is a serious disease that makes your blood sugar too high – either because your body doesn’t make enough insulin, or because the insulin it makes is not used correctly by your body. High blood sugar over time causes problems in many parts of the body.

Diabetes affects more than 55,000 Vermonters. The prevalence of diabetes has been steady for the past several years. As overweight Vermont children reach adulthood, diabetes rates are expected to increase substantially.

Even more Vermonters do not know that they have prediabetes – 15% to 30% will develop Type 2 diabetes within five years.

QUIZ: Could you have prediabetes? 

If you already have diabetes, what type do you have?

People with Type 1 diabetes don’t make any insulin and must take it as a shot (injected medication). Type 1 is more common in children. People with Type 2 usually make insulin but it is either not enough or it is used poorly by the body.

Type 2 is the most common type of diabetes, and is usually seen in adults. But overweight younger people are also at risk. Before Type 2 diabetes develops, a person typically has prediabetes; sometimes referred to as insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, or borderline diabetes. Some women during pregnancy develop gestational diabetes. This puts them at higher risk for Type 2 diabetes later in life.

Most people can prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes with simple improvements in eating and by increasing physical activity. People can manage diabetes by working with a team of health professionals, taking medicines as prescribed and continuing to eat healthy and stay physically active.

Preventing and Managing Diabetes
Helping Yourself to Health The good news is preventing and managing diabetes can help you to avoid or delay many health problems – and you don’t have to go it alone. Get the support you need with free diabetes prevention or management workshops in your area. These workshops can help with healthier eating and exercise habits, managing stress, monitoring blood sugar and more.

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If you have prediabetes, you can prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes. Don’t wait until you develop diabetes – take action right away to help prevent prediabetes from becoming Type 2.

More than 55,000 Vermonters have diagnosed diabetes – and one in four Vermonters do not yet know they have diabetes. Here are tools and resources for health professionals and partners.