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Flooding in Vermont

If you are on a private well or spring, assume your water is contaminated if floodwater has reached your well or spring. Do not use it for drinking until you know it is safe.

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Drinking Water and Your Health

The Private Drinking Water Program helps Vermonters with questions about drinking water quality and human health.

About four out of 10 Vermont households drink water from private wells or springs. If you are on private water, you are responsible for testing the quality of your drinking water and maintaining your well or spring. 

Public water treatment systems are regulated by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. Learn more about public drinking water

The private wells and springs that supply your drinking water are susceptible to contaminants that could affect your health – bacteria and viruses from septic waste and disposal, naturally occurring chemicals like arsenic and manganese, petroleum products, pesticides and radiation. Search an A-Z list of drinking water contaminants

You do not know what is in your water until you test it. The Health Department recommends testing your private well or spring for bacteria, inorganic chemicals and gross alpha radiation. Learn more about testing your private drinking water

If you have high levels of contaminants in your drinking water, the Health Department recommends treating your water. Find out about water treatment options

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    The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation is offering grants to Vermonters who have failed drinking water systems. A failed drinking water system means:

    • You have an inadequate water supply (for example, your well runs dry in the summer).

    • Your water has high levels of some contaminants (for example, arsenic, bacteria or lead).

    • Your water supply is contaminated by known sources (for example, an underground fuel storage tank).

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