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Testing Your Water? Drop Off Samples in St. Albans!

If you drink water from a well, it’s important to test it. What’s in your water can affect your health – whether it’s arsenic, lead, E. coli or another contaminant.

To test your well water:

1. Order a test kit from the Department of Health Laboratory by calling 800-660-9997 or 802-338-4736. The Health Department recommends the following testing schedule: 

  • Total coliform bacterial test - every year, $14
  • Inorganic chemical test (arsenic, lead, nitrate and more) - every five years, $100
  • Gross alpha radiation screen - every five years, $45

2. Follow the instructions on the kit to take samples of your water.

3. Drop off the samples at the St. Albans Office of Local Health.

  • Drop-off hours: Monday through Friday, 7:45-11:30 a.m. (except State holidays)
  • Drop-off location: St. Albans Local Health Office, 27 Federal Street, Suite 201, St. Albans, VT

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