We support community partners to help change in-store tobacco advertising and reduce exposure to secondhand smoke. To do this we:

  • Work with community retailers to decrease or eliminate the impact that the sales, visibility and advertising of tobacco have on smoking initiation in local youth.

  • Educate community members and leaders about tobacco products, placement, pricing, promotions and advertising targeting youth.

  • Use CounterBalance tools to reduce the toll of tobacco on Vermont’s youth. This includes working with community partners to measure and report on tobacco product marketing that occurs where those products are sold, and to educate the community on the effects of location, density and type of tobacco retail outlets.

  • Support the Counter Tools store audit and mapping activities in collaboration with community partners, and educate the community on the effects of location, density and type of tobacco retail outlets.

  • Educate community members and leaders regarding smoke- and tobacco-free public parks and open-air areas, smoke- and tobacco-free post-secondary educational institutions and multi-unit housing.

  • Promote and support 802Quits referrals for quitting smoking.

Local Success Stories

Health Connections has been working with retailers on in-store advertising issues, and with municipalities on policies to limit tobacco use on town property including vehicles and parks. Other successes include:

  • Passage of a town ordinance to make Hartford Parks and Recreation areas tobacco-free.
  • Town of Sharon has a Tobacco-free Policy for all town property.
  • Twin Pines Housing Trust has made a commitment to becoming smoke-free. New properties are designated smoke-free, with older units systematically decreasing allowable tobacco use.
  • Royalton is working on a proposal to make recreation areas and the town green smoke-free.
  • Some local retailers are selling nicotine replacement products and posting 802Quits information.

Smoking rates in Vermont are declining, but they remain higher in some groups. Learn more about how we provide services and supports to those with the highest rates of smoking and tobacco use.

Resources for Quitting Smoking

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