Small children sitting around a table with an adult

As a childcare provider, you help children learn healthy habits and promote behaviors leading to lifelong health. The early learning experiences you provide promote brain development, socio-emotional skills, and support learning to help children succeed in school. We want to keep children in child care whenever possible, while ensuring optimal health and safety for children and staff. 

For parents looking to find childcare, please visit the Bright Futures Child Care Information System.

Health and Safety Support

Maternal and Child Health nurses in the Vermont Department of Health District Offices are available to child care and early learning professionals for questions regarding health and safety issues and connections to community health resources. 

Resource  Description 
Children’s Environmental Health for Child Care Providers  Learn about environmental health regulations for your child care facility. 
Physical Activity and Nutrition Find resources on physical activity and nutrition for children. 
Vermont Child Care Licensing Regulations  Find current licensing regulations for your child care program, as well as contact information for any questions you may have. 
Caring for our Children Standards  National best practice standard for health and safety policies and practices in child care. 
Model Child Care Health Policies  Select relevant issues and modify the wording to make selected policies appropriate to your specific settings. From the American Academy of Pediatrics.  


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