Preparedness for Hospitals & Health Care Professionals

Preparedness for Hospitals & Health Care Professionals

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Health care professionals protect the health of Vermonters through efforts to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters, infectious disease, terrorism and mass casualty emergencies.

The Health Department supports these efforts in many ways: it serves as the coordinating unit for the Public Health and Medical Services support partner in the State Emergency Operation Center, maintains the Vermont Health Alert Network, and serves as the grantee for the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the U.S. Health & Human Services health preparedness grants. The Health Department offers technical support for preparedness such as planning, exercises and training so Vermont can be ready for emergencies.

Learn how the Health Department assists health care providers and hospitals before and during public health emergencies. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Vermont Health care and EMS Preparedness Webinar Series

The 2022 Vermont Healthcare and EMS Preparedness Conference will not be held in-person. Instead, a monthly webinar series offering continuing education for EMS providers and informational sessions throughout the year. Presentations will cover health equity, health care and emergency preparedness, crisis communications, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and more. Learn more and sign up for these free webinars.

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Learn more about how the Health Department helps health care partners in preparing and responding to public health emergencies.

The Vermont Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Coalition (VHEPC) is a multi-disciplinary partnership that collaborates with its members, stakeholders, and surrounding communities to improve and expand emergency preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities. Learn more and become a member.

The Vermont Crisis Standards of Care Plan is intended to provide an ethical and operational framework for the development of statewide resource allocation and clinical guidelines in the context of a catastrophic disaster or massive public health emergency in which prolonged critical shortages of staffing, medical equipment and/or supplies exist.

The Vermont Health Alert Network (VTHAN) is an alert and mass notification system that improves public health communication and situational awareness within the State of Vermont.