Vital Records & Population Data

Vital Records & Population Data

Vermont has required towns to report all births, marriages and deaths since 1857. Vital records, particularly birth and death records are used to study and monitor the health of a population.  The Vermont vital records system includes eight types of vital events: births, deaths, marriages, civil unions, divorces, dissolutions, fetal deaths and abortions.

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Changes to birth and death certificates in Vermont as of July 2019

Effective July 1, 2019 changes to the Vermont statutes will enhance the safety and security of birth and death certificates. These changes protect against misuse of these legal documents and reduce the potential for identity theft. Additionally, the changes streamline the statewide system for creating, storing and tracking birth and death certificates.

What You Need to Know

  • Only family members, legal guardians, certain court-appointed parties or their legal representatives can apply for a certified copy of a birth or death certificate. For death certificates, a funeral home or crematorium may apply for a certified copy.
  • Applicants must show valid identification when applying for a certified copy of a birth or death certificate.
  • Certified copies of birth and death certificates can be ordered from any town in Vermont.
  • No changes to ordering system for copies of marriage, civil union, divorce or dissolution certificates, but minor changes to what you need to do to obtain a marriage license.

Where you can apply for certified copies of birth and death certificates:

Some vital record information is available online. If you are doing genealogy or family research, visit the Secretary of State’s Vital Records page.  

Order Vital Records

Vital Records Process Change Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
In-person transactions at the customer service window (108 Cherry Street, Burlington) have been suspended until further notice

Contact Vital Records

Phone: 800-439-5008 (within VT) or 802-863-7275, Email: [email protected]

In This Section

New parents don't automatically receive a copy of their child's birth certificate. Find out how to order a certified copy of a birth certificate in Vermont. 

Links to information and commonly used forms for vital records.

Learn how to order a copy of a death certificate in Vermont.

Couples planning to marry can find the application for Vermont License of Civil Marriage. People can also order certified copies of marriage and civil union certificates.

Find out how to order a copy of a divorce certificate or a certificate dissolving a civil union in Vermont.

The EDRS has increased efficiency in the death reporting process, reducing the time it takes to finalize a death record from 38 days to just four days.

Links to resources that town and city clerks may use during the course of their work.


The Vermont vital statistics system monitors vital events in Vermont, including births, deaths, marriages, divorces, dissolutions, fetal deaths and abortions.

In addition to conducting a national census count every ten years, the U.S. Census Bureau produces annual population estimates.