St. Johnsbury

St. Johnsbury, VT local health office building

Our staff is based in your community – we are the local face of public health in Caledonia, Southern Essex and Orange Counties. We work with schools, worksites, town offices, and community partners to promote health, prevent disease, and help our community prepare for emergencies. Our WIC team serves individuals and families at our office by providing caring support for pregnant women, new parents and young children to eat well and learn about nutrition. We also provide immunizations and support programs that help all people form healthy habits. We invite you to learn about the many ways we can help you, your family and your community.

Contact Information
St. Johnsbury Office of Local Health
107 Eastern Avenue, Suite 9
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
Tin (Justin) Barton-Caplin, Interim District Director
800-952-2936 or 802-748-5151
Communities Served

Barnet, Burke, Concord, Danville, East Haven, Granby, Groton, Guildhall, Kirby, Lunenburg, Lyndon, Maidstone, Newbury (including Wells River), Newark, Peacham, Ryegate, St. Johnsbury, Sheffield, Sutton, Topsham, Victory, Walden, Waterford, Wheelock

In This Section

WIC is the Federal Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children.

The St. Johnsbury Local Health Office promotes the health and wellness of women, children and families throughout their lives.

To help ensure our community and built environment are safe and accessible, we work with local coalitions, health care providers and regional planners to promote consideration of health and wellness in development projects.

We work with local employers to start worksite wellness programs. Programs that make it easier to live a healthy life are good for Vermont workers and good for Vermont businesses too.

We work to improve the health and well-being of school-aged children across Caledonia, Southern Essex and Orange Counties.  We support supervisory unions, school districts, community organizations, students and their families by helping with high-impact strategies that make a difference in health.

We work closely with families and medical practices to increase the number of people in Caledonia, Southern Essex and Orange Counties who recieve all their recommended immunizations.

We work with partners in Caledonia, Southern Essex and Orange Counties to prevent disease. We provide education and other resources. When disease occurs, we work to identify it and stop it from spreading. We welcome your questions about infectious disease.

The St. Johnsbury Local Health Office supports a variety of prevention programs in the community in an attempt to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

In an effort to reduce tobacco use in Caledonia, Southern Essex and Orange Counties, we connect tobacco prevention and quit partners with schools and community organizations.

The St. Johnsbury Local Health Office is trained and ready to respond to public health emergencies so that people in our community can stay healthy and safe. We partner with local emergency planners, businesses, planning commissions and first responders.