Resources For Promoting Consumption of Oral Health-Friendly Snacks and Water Instead of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

What we eat and drink has a big impact on our bodies, including our teeth. Below are resources to use at school, work and home to help promote snacks and beverages that are oral health friendly.  

For Parents

These resources will help parents who wish to learn how to help keep their children’s teeth healthy, and to take on leadership roles in their communities.

For Early Care and Education Settings

Staff may find these resources useful for educating the program-wide community: children and their families, teachers, caregivers, and other staff members (e.g., those involved in meal preparation).

For Schools

School staff may find these resources useful for educating the school-wide community: students and their families, cafeteria workers, teachers and other staff members.

For Workplaces

These resources will support workplace wellness programs by providing information for use at different events (such as “lunch and learn” sessions); they will help promote behaviors that will incorporate oral-health friendly behaviors into the worksite culture.

Resources in Multiple Languages

For additional resources for speakers of other languages, please contact the following organizations or individuals:

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