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Public Records & Public Information Requests


As a public agency, the Vermont Department of Health is responsible for applying efficient and effective management methods throughout the lifecycle of a record: creating, using, maintaining, retaining, destroying and preserving records created and received in the course of business. These records must be systematically managed – both to preserve their legal, historic and informational value, and to promote economical and transparent business operations.

Vital Records – If you are looking for birth, death, marriage/civil union, or divorce/dissolution records, go to Vital Records & Population Data

Vaccine Records - If you are looking for a record or proof of vaccination, go to Immunization Registry

Making a Request

Choose one of three options below to email a description of the information you are seeking. This will help us respond to your request most efficiently. Upon receipt, we will fulfill your request or contact you for more information.

Request data

Request records

News media / Public information requests

Not all requests for information are public records requests. If your request for data, records or public information, is determined to be a public records request, the following fees have been established as the actual cost of providing a copy of a public record in accordance with 1 VSA 316(d).

Uniform Schedule of Public Records Charges for State Agencies

The following fees have been established as the actual cost of providing a copy of a public record per the Uniform Charges Schedule.

  1. For staff time involved in physically duplicating a record, $.33 per minute after the first 30 minutes.
  2. For senior-level staff time, and information technology specialists’ time spent extracting data from databases or performing similar tasks necessary to comply with a request to create a new public record, $.57 per minute.
  3. For any other staff time for which cost can be charged and collected under this section, $.45 per minute.
  4. For photocopies, $.05 per single-sided page, $.09 per double-sided page for pages up to 8.5 by 14 inches.
  5. For color photocopies, $1.00 per single-sided page.
  6. For computer-generated paper copies, $.02 per page for pages up to 8.5 by 14 inches.
  7. For computer diskettes, $.28 each for 3.5-inch diskettes.
  8. For compact discs, $.86 each for write-once CD w/case, $2.31 each for re-writable CD w/case.
  9. For audio tapes, $.81 each.
  10. For video tapes, $1.69 each.
  11. For DVDs, $2.00 each for write-once DVD w/case, $4.00 each for re-writable DVD w/case.
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