The Vermont Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (VTEHDI) Program supports newborn and early periodic hearing screenings in collaboration with birth hospitals and other community providers, such as audiologists, early head start, homebirth midwives and primary care professionals. 

These partnerships ensure timely follow-up to screening and appropriate referrals for diagnostic hearing testing and early intervention services.

Hearing screening and diagnostic results are sent to the VTEHDI Program by health care professionals for all babies born in Vermont. VTEHDI provides support and coordination of services for families and their babies throughout the newborn hearing screening process. VTEHDI works with state and national agencies and organizations to achieve the National 1,3,6 EHDI goals which are:

  • Screen before 1 month
  • Diagnose before 3 months
  • Early Intervention before 6 months

1,3,6 Roadmap for Families 

Parent Roadmap
1- Newborn Hearing Screening Should Be Completed Before 1 Month of Age

All babies born in Vermont are offered a newborn hearing screening by their homebirth midwife or birth facility prior to discharge. Newborns that did not pass or receive the screening can be scheduled for an outpatient appointment. This appointment should occur as soon as possible and before 1 month of age. See links for outpatient appointment options below.

Not all childhood hearing loss is identified at birth. Hearing loss can develop at any time for many reasons. Review the risk factors list available in the quick links section for reasons why monitoring hearing after passing the newborn screening is recommended.

3- Diagnostic Testing with a Pediatric Audiologist Should Be Completed Before 3 Months of Age

Any baby who does not pass the screening, in one or both ears, should have a diagnostic hearing evaluation with a pediatric audiologist as soon as possible and before 3 months of age. See links for pediatric audiologists below.

6- Specialized Early Intervention (EI) Services for Babies Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Should Start Before 6 Months of Age

The pediatric audiologist who diagnoses the child will share information about the early intervention (EI) programs specific to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children. With parent/guardian consent, a referral will be made to EI.

The family will be contacted by the following two EI programs to discuss their services and next steps:

Services and Programs that Support Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind Children

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