End Addiction Stigma

End Addiction Stigma

Together, we can end addiction stigma 

The stigma that surrounds addiction—and the preconceived views of those who struggle with substance use—don’t have to be permanent. 

In fact, views are already shifting due to greater awareness of addiction as a disease, increased understanding of treatment and recovery, and growing empathy and compassion for our family members, friends, and neighbors.

Learn more about addiction and substance use disorder, listen to Vermonters’ experiences with this disease, and find helpful support resources for you, your family, or your friend. 

In This Section

When addiction affects someone close to you, what do you do? It can be scary and confusing.  You may feel angry and distrustful. How can you understand what’s happening to that person? Here you’ll find information about addiction, treatment, and paths to recovery.

As a health care provider you play a critical role in the journey of recovery for someone who is struggling with substance use disorder. In this section you’ll get a better understanding of addiction, as well as treatment and recovery.

It can be challenging to be the employer of someone who is experiencing substance use disorder. But you can also be an incredible source of support. Find out more about addiction, as well as about treatment and recovery.

It’s in our communities that we can all come together to get a better understanding of addiction and bring the old stigmas to an end. Find out more about the nature of addiction, as well as treatment options and paths to recovery.

Substance use disorder can happen to anyone. Nothing makes that more clear than hearing the voices of those in recovery, or who have family members and friends who have experienced addiction.

There are many organizations and groups across Vermont who can help you or someone you know. Here you can find treatment, support, and recovery services for substance use disorder.