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Status of Testing at the Vermont Health Department Laboratory

Effective Immediately

As the state prioritizes the response to the new coronavirus in Vermont, the Health Department Laboratory is working to make sure staff are protected against COVID-19 so they can continue to perform essential testing. This means sending home any staff who aren’t working on essential testing and making the difficult choice to suspend non-essential lab services.

We know that these decisions will have an impact on Vermonters, and we will be watching closely to determine if we need to adjust lab testing priorities to protect public health in Vermont as this situation evolves. At this point, we feel this is an important step to take in order to respond to this new public health threat.

Effective immediately, all non-essential testing at the Vermont Department of Health Laboratory will be suspended. The following essential testing will continue at the Health Department Laboratory:

  • COVID-19 testing
  • Tuberculosis testing
  • Animal Rabies testing (only in cases where a human has potentially been exposed to rabies)
  • Measles testing
  • Urine Drug Screening
  • Blood Lead

List of the status of tests at the Public Health Lab

Order Test Kits

Only test kits for the essential tests listed above may be ordered at this time.

By phone: call 802-338-4724 or 800-660-9997 (toll-free in Vermont).

By mail: download one of the order forms below and mail it to Public Health Laboratory.

By fax: download one of the order forms below and fax it to 802-338-4706.

Instructions for Collection and Packaging of Specimens for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Clinical Test Request Form - Leave the insurance portion on the form blank.

Send COVID-19 samples to the University of Vermont Medical Center Laboratory. Test results are reported to the hospital or clinical laboratory where the test was collected, which in turn notifies the ordering health care provider. Test results are sent using the fax, email, or phone information provided on the clinical test requisition form or through the Lab Web Portal.

Tuberculosis and Measles
Test Kit Order Form
Clinical Test Request Form

All rabies testing requests must be pre-approved by Infectious Disease Epidemiology. Call (802) 863-7240 or 1-800-640-4374 (available 24/7) for approval. Then complete the Request for Examination form and read the Shipping and Instruction Sheet.

Urine Drug Testing
Urine Drug Order Form Urine
Drug Collection Instructions

Blood Lead
Blood Lead Test Requisition
Blood Lead Testing Supplies

New Lab Web Portal for COVID-19

The Vermont Department of Health Laboratory is pleased to announce that health care providers can now receive COVID-19 test result reports through our Lab Web Portal (LWP). 

With the LWP:

  • Reports are delivered securely, and in a more timely and efficient manner.
  • Authorized users can view, print, and download patient reports in a PDF document soon after they are released by the Health Department Laboratory.
  • Positive result reports are flagged so that users can prioritize those as needed, and reports can be printed as a batch. 
  • Users can set up notifications to be emailed when reports have been uploaded to the portal.

At this time, the LWP can only be used to for COVID-19 results reporting. Test requests must still be made using our Micro 220 form

If you would like more information about the Health Department Laboratory’s Lab Web Portal,  please email us at