Vaccine Inventory Management System (VIMS)

This page is a resource for provider offices enrolled in the Vermont Child Vaccine Program (VCVP) and Vermont Adult Vaccine Program (VAVP). Providers and the Vermont Department of Health Immunization Program share responsibility for managing vaccines purchased through these programs. 

To prevent loss and maintain an adequate supply, proper vaccine inventory management is crucial for all enrolled providers. When placing an order, provider office staff must also provide a complete record of state-provided doses, along with reporting any vaccine loss, transfers, and administrations from the previous order period.

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New Users

If you do not have access to the IMR, visit the website and complete a Confidentiality Agreement or call (888) 688-4667. 

New users should email the Immunization Program to set up a VIMS training call.


Below you will find a series of Quick Guides that will help you navigate each section in VIMS as well as a complete User Guide.

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