Tobacco use continues to be a leading cause of preventable death in Vermont. Some groups of employed adults—including those working in food service, maintenance and construction-related occupations—have even higher rates of tobacco use. The prevalence of adult smoking has decreased over the last decade, in part due to policies supporting tobacco-free workplaces. Worksites can continue to play an important role in reducing tobacco use and creating an environment that supports a right to breathe clean air.


Recommended Strategies:

Education and Awareness
  • Promote free cessation resources through 802Quits.
  • Offer incentives or challenges to encourage quitting.
On-Site Support
  • Encourage physical activity or relaxation breaks as alternatives to smoking breaks.
  • Host on-site, online or other tobacco cessation counseling.
  • Move cigarette receptacles away from building entrances.
Policy Change
  • Implement a tobacco- and vape-free property policy with signage.
  • Develop guidelines for participation in tobacco cessation activities during the workday.
  • Ensure tobacco cessation counselling and medication are offered through the organization's health insurance.
  • Create a property-wide tobacco-free policy that includes e-cigarettes and make sure employees are aware it exists.


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For more information, contact the Vermont Tobacco Control Program at [email protected] and download the smoke- and vape-free lifestyle section of the Worksite Wellness Toolkit!

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