Polio is a potentially disabling and life-threatening disease caused by the poliovirus. Most U.S. adults...
Emergency Medical Services in Vermont are subject to several rules and statutes. The following are links to relevant documents.
Addressing opioid overdose takes a comprehensive and holistic approach Opioids – such as prescription painkillers and heroin – are powerful drugs that are highly addictive. Opioids slow breathing and heartbeat, and act on the brain to relieve pain. They can...
What to do if you suspect a patient has COVID-19 and find links to topics like alerts and advisories, infectious disease reporting, the pulse oximeter program, test kits and results, the PPE and test kit request form, and more.
Polio is a potentially disabling and life-threatening disease caused by the poliovirus. Most U.S. adults are protected because of the vaccination program, and it is important for children to be vaccinated when recommended.
Health care professionals can find information and resources on the various therapeutic options available for patients and how to order them.
A predicted 16 million Americans will have Alzheimer’s disease in 2050, dramatically impacting the lives of many Vermonters and their families. In addition to the emotional and financial stress diagnosed individuals and their caregivers face, the increasing numbers pose a...
Learn about mpox, like how it spreads from person to person, symptoms of the illness, and who should get vaccinated. Find communication resources and information for health care professionals.
Gun violence affects the lives of many Vermonters each year. Firearm-related injuries and deaths are preventable and we can all play a role in creating safer communities.
As a health care provider you play a critical role in the journey of recovery for someone who is struggling with substance use disorder. In this section you’ll get a better understanding of addiction, as well as treatment and recovery.
Find guidance for long-term care facilities and other group settings on what to do if there is a COVID exposure, information about vaccines, and other important resources.