resources for health professionals

resources for health professionals


X-ray instruments are insepected regularly, and x-ray facilities are licensed to protect the public from unnecessary exposure to radiation.

Engage Youth

The Health Department works to support and engage adolescents in promoting their own health and healthy development. This approach allows youth to share insights, take leadership roles, get involved with their community, build organizational leadership skills and self-esteem, and create and share important information with their peers and others who serve youth. Here are several Vermont youth engagement opportunities:  

Create An Adolescent-Friendly Practice

As children move away from childhood toward adolescence and young adulthood, the office space that once was thought of as comforting and fun may seem geared towards little kids. And, as children grow older, they often become more involved in their health care. They begin voicing their own concerns and having real questions about their health, development, relationships, feelings, healthy behaviors or risk taking behaviors, and issues related to privacy and confidentiality. Having a safe and welcoming place to talk about their needs and feel like they fit is important.


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