Polio is a potentially disabling and life-threatening disease caused by the poliovirus. Most U.S. adults...
There are key resources for health professionals related to Vermont’s infants and young children. Find resources from Bright Futures, Help Me Grow, Child Care Wellness Consultants, Children's Integrated Services and more.
Find more information on a variety of state and national school nursing and school health services.
As children move toward adolescence and young adulthood, the office space once thought of as comforting and fun may seem geared towards little kids. Having a safe and welcoming place that feels like it was made for them helps adolescents...
The Health Department works with a number of State and community partners on research, quality improvement, and health care reform activities to have a positive impact on pediatric medical care.
Through good nutrition, WIC helps ensure optimal health outcomes for pregnant people, new parents, and families with infants and young children.
Certification and operational requirement rule for Health Department approved and preferred providers.
Health campaigns related to alcohol and other drug use. Resources for grantees and partners.
We publish quarterly newsletters, several toolkits, data briefs, and other resources on physical activity, nutrition and obesity.