community support

community support

Beneath Our Skin Storytelling Project

Beneath Our Skin is a storytelling project for Black Vermonters. It is the result of a partnership with Clemmons Family Farm for an innovative approach to better understand the needs and perceptions on what will improve vaccination access and uptake among Vermonters who are Black/African American and/or of the African diaspora.  Beneath Our Skin uses digital storytelling and visual and performing arts as culturally relevant methods to gather and share stories from Black Vermonters about their vaccination choices and experiences.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide touches the lives of many Vermonters. Our intentional self-harm and death by suicide rates are significantly higher than the United States rates. Find help, learn about warning, signs, risk and protective factors. Read about what Vermont is doing to prevent suicide.


Prevent Falls

Many Vermonters are affected by falls at some point in their life. People who are 65 years and older are increasingly at risk of falling, and therefore potentially injury. As we age, we are more likely to be injured in a fall.

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