We can lower our stress levels and increase our ability to deal with challenges.
Gun violence affects the lives of many Vermonters each year. Firearm-related injuries and deaths are preventable and we can all play a role in creating safer communities.
The main focus of the Commission is to identify and make available pre-incident behavioral health training and post-incident support/aid to all of Vermont’s emergency service providers. This page will be updated with meeting minutes and reports as they become available.
Most experts estimate at least 25% of first responders have ever had thoughts of suicide or that life was not worth living. If this is you, you are not alone. Resources and help are available.
Suicide touches the lives of many Vermonters. Our intentional self-harm and death by suicide rates are significantly higher than the United States rates. Find help, learn about warning, signs, risk and protective factors. Read about what Vermont is doing to...
Here is prevention information, support and resources for families who may be dealing with suicide, sudden infant death and bereavement.
Injury Surveillance Injury prevention is part of a comprehensive approach to enhancing health and quality of life for all Vermonters. Vermont's Injury Prevention Program uses data to determine activities while improving our understanding of the causes of injury, populations that...
Suicide is a leading cause of death for all ages, both nationally and in Vermont. A suicide is when a person is successful in an intentional action to end their life.