mental health

mental health

Combatting Stigma

Addressing stigma in first response is a process. Change is most effective when implemented at multiple levels. This should include both individual and organizational policy change, with a focus on fact-based education to reduce misconceptions of people with mental illness.

Building Resiliency

Resiliency is the ability to recover and adapt well from stressful events. Experts view it as a skill that you can practice and develop, rather than an innate trait. You can build resilience by practicing mindfulness, getting better sleep, facilitating connections, and being active. 

After a Bad Call

Every day, we see the worst day of someone’s life. First responders are resilient people, but we all respond to a few bad calls. Here, we offer ways to process after a bad call, explain some of the psychology behind why particular calls can get to us, and provide information about PTSD in first responders. 

Suicide Prevention

Suicide touches the lives of many Vermonters. Our intentional self-harm and death by suicide rates are significantly higher than the United States rates. Find help, learn about warning, signs, risk and protective factors. Read about what Vermont is doing to prevent suicide.


Rural Health

The State Office of Rural Health and Primary Care works with and supports small rural hospitals, clinics and health care providers to improve access to health care for all Vermonters.

Look Up A Health Professional

Use the eLicense system to find public information about physicians, physician assistants, anesthesiologist assistants or radiologist assistants licensed in Vermont. Please be advised that the Public Address listed may not be the current Practice Location for the licensee. Information is updated in real-time and contains the most current information available to the board.


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