emergency response

emergency response

Programs and Resources for EMS Agencies

There are a number of programs and initiatives for EMS agencies looking to expand their scope of practice, increase their volunteer ranks and become more engaged in their community.





resuscitation Academy and VTACH-R Resources

To arrange an Adult Resuscitation Academy at your agency, contact Chris McCarthy: chris@netsvt.com

To arrange a Pediatric Resuscitation Academy at your agency, contact Merrill Pine: Merrill.Pine@Vermont.gov

SIREN - Statewide Incident Reporting Network

The Vermont Statewide Incident Reporting Network (SIREN) is a comprehensive electronic prehospital patient care data collection, analysis and reporting system that has been in use since 2010. EMS reporting serves several important functions, including legal documentation, quality improvement initiatives, billing, and evaluation of individual and agency performance measures.



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