Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What you need to know now


PREVENTION: Simple actions make a big difference. Keep a 6-foot distance, wear a face mask and stay home when you're sick. See more prevention tips and know how to recognize COVID-19 symptoms.

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VACCINE: Vermont is preparing for a COVID-19 vaccine, putting safety first.

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SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES: Vermont school communities have adapted to stay safe. See guidance for families, teachers, administrators, nurses and building managers.


TRAVEL: Find out whether you need to quarantine when you come to Vermont and sign up for daily symptom check reminders.

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TESTING: Contact your health care provider to find out about getting tested. There are testing locations throughout Vermont.

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QUESTIONS? Search our Frequently Asked Questions or use the chat bot to ask your COVID-19 question.


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Daily updates on cases of COVID-19, testing, monitoring, hospitalization and deaths. View information by town and county and see breakdowns by age, sex, ethnicity and race.

Use the "Ask the Chat Bot" feature to find answers to your questions about COVID-19, and see responses to what other Vermonters are asking.

COVID-19 is highly contagious. There are things we can all do to protect ourselves and the people around us from getting or spreading COVID-19. Find out how to reduce your risk!

Find guidance on managing COVID-19 risk for Vermont schools, colleges and child care facilities.

COVID-19 is a new disease, caused by a virus not previously seen in humans. COVID-19 is highly contagious. People with COVID-19 who don't have any symptoms can spread the virus to other people. Learn about symptoms and what to do if you are sick.

Find out when to consider getting tested for COVID-19 and see the many testing locations throughout the state.

Are you visiting or coming back to Vermont? Find out about quarantine requirements and ways to limit risk and protect others.

Find guidance about COVID-19 for the health care community, including health alerts and resources for protecting patients and health care workers in different settings.

A safe and effective vaccine is a critical tool to stopping the spread of COVID-19. There is much we can do now to prepare, and we are not starting from scratch in Vermont.

Vermont needs health care providers and facilities across the state to collaborate in the COVID-19 testing effort. By building capacity for prioritized testing everywhere in the state, we are also building capacity to respond to changing needs.