Currently Available COVID-19 Vaccines

There are currently three COVID-19 vaccines available to order in Vermont: Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Novavax. Refer to the CDC's Use of COVID-19 Vaccine in the United States website for information on vaccine schedules, booster recommendations, and the correct use of bivalent and monovalent products.

Fact Sheets and Resources

Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine


Pfizer-BioNTech is an mRNA vaccine and was the first COVID-19 vaccine available in the U.S. Pfizer vaccine is authorized for individuals six months and older.

Pfizer-biontech Emergency use authorization and fact sheets

Healthcare Provider Fact Sheets: Replaces package insert

Bivalent Products:
6m-4y (dilute, maroon)
5-11y (dilute, orange)

12+ (do not dilute, gray)

Recipient Fact Sheets: Replaces VIS sheet

Bivalent Products:
6m-4y (dilute, maroon)
5-11y (dilute, orange)
12+ (do not dilute, gray)

Pfizer BioNTech Resources and Training

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine (CDC) 
An overview of administration, storage, handling, and recent updates. Includes many useful printouts.
Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine At-A-Glance (CDC)
Summarizes basic storage, preparation, scheduling, administration, and dosage for all Pfizer-BioNTech products.
Pfizer-BioNTech Manufacturer Website
Provides manufacturer-created resources and information

Moderna Vaccine

Moderna Vaccine

Moderna was the second mRNA vaccine available in the U.S. Moderna is also authorized for individuals 6 months and older. 

Moderna  Emergency use authorization and fact sheets

Healthcare Provider Fact Sheets: Replaces package insert

Bivalent Products:
6m+ (dark blue)
6m-4y* (dark pink)

* For children previously vaccinated with 2+ doses of monovalent COVID-19 vaccine.

Recipient Fact Sheets: Replaces VIS sheet

Bivalent Products:
6m+ (dark blue)
6m-4y* (dark pink) 
* For children previously vaccinated with 2+ doses of monovalent COVID-19 vaccine.

Moderna Resources and Training

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine (CDC) 
An overview of administration, storage, handling, and recent updates. Includes many useful printouts. 
Moderna Vaccine At-A-Glance (CDC)
Summarizes basic storage, preparation, scheduling, administration, and dosage for all Pfizer-BioNTech products.
Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Infographic (CDC)
An infographic detailing which presentation and dosage to use based on recipient's age and vaccination history.
Moderna Manufacturer Website
Provides manufacturer-created resources and information

Novavax Vaccine


Novavax is an adjuvanted protein subunit vaccine authorized on October 19, 2022 as an alternative to the available mRNA vaccines. Novavax is a single product authorized for those 12 years and older. 

Novavax emergency use authorization and fact sheets 

Healthcare Provider Novavax Fact Sheet: Replaces package insert
Recipient Novavax Fact Sheet: Replaces VIS sheet 

Novavax Resources and Training

Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine (CDC) 
An overview of administration, storage, handling, and recent updates. Includes many useful printouts.
Novavax Office Hours (Novavax) 
The manufacturer holds regular office hours to answer questions.
Novavax Manufacturer Website
Provides manufacturer-created resources and information

    Consolidated COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

    COVID-19 Vaccine Overview and Safety (CDC)
    Includes information about vaccine ingredients, side effects, efficacy data, and clinical trial demographics.

    COVID-19 Vaccine Product Information (CDC)
    Find a suite of information and materials needed for each specific COVID-19 vaccine that covers administration, storage and handling, safety, and reporting.

    COVID-19 Vaccine Product Guide (EZIZ)
    A document with all available COVID-19 vaccine presentations, storage, and administration details maintained by the California COVID-19 Vaccination Program.

    Ask the Experts: COVID-19 Vaccine (IAC)
    A list of some of the more commonly asked questions related to COVID-19 vaccination, answered by experts in the field.

    Interim COVID-19 Immunization Schedule (CDC)
    A table presenting guidance for COVID-19 vaccination schedules based on age, medical conditions, and vaccine. 


    COVID-19 Vaccine Ordering and Management

    COVID-19 vaccines are complicated to manage, and guidance changes frequently. If you are an enrolled provider office, please always read e-mails from the Immunization Program ([email protected]) and ensure all staff receives appropriate training for the vaccines your office chooses to carry. 

    Ordering and tracking vaccine inventory

    To manage and administer vaccines through your office, you must enroll in the Vermont COVID-19 Vaccine Program, a separate process from how you may already receive other state-supplied vaccines.

    Enrollment Resources
    Vaccine Enrollment FAQs
    Vaccine Enrollment Process Guide

    VIMS COVID-19 Vaccine Ordering Process

    Vaccine Inventory Management System (VIMS)
    COVID-19 vaccines are ordered and managed through VIMS, accessed through the Immunization Registry (IMR)

    COVID-19 Vaccine Ordering Guidance
    The technical process for ordering the COVID-19 vaccine in Vermont.

    COVID-19 Expiration Date and Beyond Use Date (BUD) Guidance
    Guidance on BUD and COVID-19 vaccine expiration. Always ensure your office has a process for tracking both. 

    COVID-19 Expiration Date and Beyond Use Date 1-pager
    A 1-page document to keep posted by vaccine storage units

    The below steps must be done in order.

    1. Adjust in/out
    Complete any needed adjustments before reconciling. Do not adjust the vaccine into your VIMS inventory. The vaccine will populate into your inventory when transferred or delivered from the Distributor, Depot, umbrella organization, or another practice. If you are concerned that it is not appearing, contact [email protected] before making any changes.

    VIMS Vaccine Adjustments Quick Guide
    Hospital COVID-19 Vaccine Transfer Guide

    2. Reconcile
    A full vaccine reconciliation, including COVID-19 inventory, is required in VIMS every Month. Refer to the guides and tutorials.

    VIMS Reconciliation Process Tutorial
    VIMS Reconciliation Quick Guide 
    Moderna Booster Reporting Guide

    3. Order
    Orders may be placed any day of the week, but ideally will align with the monthly reconciliation of your full inventory. All-vaccine orders should be placed on-schedule. 

    VIMS User Guide for COVID-19 Vaccine Inventory Management 
    Vaccine Ordering and VIMS web page
    Order Status and Shipment Tracking 

    Ancillary Supplies

    COVID-19 vaccine comes with additional supplies to assist locations in administration. These supplies include syringes, alcohol pads, vaccination cards, needles, info cards, and PPE (e.g., face shields and surgical masks) for vaccinators. Ancillary supplies do not include sharps containers, gloves, or bandages.

    Leave a comment in your VIMS order to opt out of ancillary supplies. Some COVID-19 vaccine ancillary supplies contain diluent, so there is no option to opt out.

    Direct shipping or Depot Delivery

    Direct Ship

    The Health Department prefers to use direct distributor deliveries when possible. However, there are minimum order limitations. Orders will arrive with specific storage requirements. Read all instructions carefully before placing any vaccine in a freezer. Direct shipments may require materials to be mailed back, and ancillary supplies could arrive in separate packaging within a day or two of the vaccine delivery. 

    Depot Delivery

    The Vermont depot delivers vaccine and ancillary supplies to sites requiring less than the minimum order quantities for the direct shipping. Deliveries are batched geographically, and the delivery date is confirmed by email. All vaccines from the Depot should be placed in refrigerated temperatures unless otherwise stated.  

    Vaccine storage and handling

    Receipt and Management of COVID-19 Vaccine: You may receive the COVID-19 vaccine through your umbrella organization, transferred from the Depot, or directly from the distributor. Each method varies in storage requirements, inventory management, and communication structure, outlined in this guidance document. 

    Temperature Monitoring

    The Health Department provides enrolled locations with a temperature monitoring device compliant with CDC requirements. SensoScientific devices are cloud-based, and LogTag devices require a software download.
    If you have any questions about temperature monitoring or vaccine storage and handling, please get in touch with the Immunization Program at [email protected], 1-800-640-4374.

    Temperature Excursions Protocol: Enrolled facilities must follow these steps whenever a vaccine is out of the appropriate temperature range. Never assume vaccine viability. Always contact the Immunization Program before taking any steps to change the vaccine temperature.

    Offsite Vaccine Clinics

    COVID-19 Vaccine Storage and Handling for Off-site Clinics
    The vaccine is at greater risk of temperature fluctuations when administered away from a monitored storage unit. Anyone participating in or planning an offsite COVID-19 clinic should review this guide well before the clinic date to ensure all preparations are made.

    Vaccine Carrier Borrowing Program Guide
    The Immunization Program has qualified vaccine carriers available to assist practices in conducting offsite clinics safely and confidently. You may request a vaccine carrier from the Immunization Program for temporary use and return it when no longer needed. The Vaccine Depot will deliver your vaccine carrier with a manufacturer user guide and a digital data logger.  

    Packing Vaccine for Transport during Emergencies (CDC)
    This guidance is only appropriate for the short transfer of vaccine between monitored units. The Immunization Program expects practices to take advantage of the Vaccine Carrier program and plan accordingly.

    Offsite Hourly Vaccine Temperature Log
    Use this document to track the time the vaccine leaves and returns to monitored storage and the hourly temperatures throughout the clinic as read on the provided LogTag device.

    School Nurse Role During School-Located Vaccine Clinic
    Information on what a school nurse can and cannot assist with during an SLVC.  

    Storage and Handling Summary
    CDC documents include vaccine storage and handling details in a concise, printable sheet.
    Pfizer-BioNTech | Moderna | Novavax 

    Administering the vaccine

    Anyone administering the COVID-19 vaccine at your office should know the nuances of each vaccine. The summary documents below and the EUAs links above are great resources for training staff. Consider reviewing the CDC's Vaccine Administration Resource Library for general immunization training.

    Interim Clinical Considerations for Use of COVID-19 Vaccines (CDC): Most COVID-19 administration questions can be answered through this frequently updated resource. The below summary documents have also been created, which may be printed and posted near administration stations. 

    For guidance on any administration errors, see Appendix A: Vaccine administration errors and deviations from the Interim Clinical Considerations. 

    Administration Resources

    Preparation and Administration Summary
    CDC documents include vaccine administration guidance in a concise, printable sheet.
    Pfizer-BioNTech | Moderna | Novavax

    Standing Orders for Administering COVID-19 Vaccine
    Pfizer: 6 Months through 4 Years | 5 through 11 Years | 12 and Older 
    Moderna: 6 months through 5 years | 6 through 11 years | 12 and older
    Novavax: 12 and older

    Side effects, adverse reactions, and reporting

    Side Effects

    Anaphylaxis, an acute and potentially life-threatening allergic reaction, has been reported following COVID-19 vaccination. Those administering COVID-19 vaccines should review the CDC’'s Interim Considerations: Preparing for the Potential Management of Anaphylaxis After COVID-19 Vaccination.


    V-safe is a smartphone-based tool that uses text messaging and web surveys to provide personalized health check-ins after a patient receives a COVID-19 vaccination. Enrolling to receive electronic health check-ins is a manual process where a patient registers online through a website or QR code. More information on V-safe can be found on

    Information sheets and posters are available in English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Korean from the CDC. The information sheets are also translated into the following languages: Arabic | Burmese | French | Kirundi | Nepali | Somali | Spanish | Swahili | Vietnamese


    Health care providers are required by Vermont law to report any adverse events that happen after vaccination to VAERS. To report an adverse event, go to and fill out the VAERS online form or downloadable PDF.

    Anyone can make a VAERS report, including a patient or a guardian. All adverse events should be reported as soon as possible, and duplicate reporting is allowed. Please submit to VAERS even if you are unsure if a report should be filed.


    COVID and the IMR: Video Tutorial (5 min)
    For medical providers at primary care sites: How to use the Vermont Immunization Registry reports to assess covid vaccine coverage in your practice.

    Vaccine Names and CPT/CVX Codes
    A list that matches the vaccine names or codes in the Vermont Immunization Registry with the brand name/common names. Intended as a tool to guide accurate vaccine reporting for practices and organizations sending data from electronic medical records. For questions, contact Immunization Registry Manager at (802) 951-4094.

    Not Up to Date Report: COVID-19 Vaccine
    The Not Up to Date report in the Vermont Immunization Registry can be a helpful tool to identify patients in your practice who are due or overdue for a dose of the COVID19 vaccine.

    Patient resources
    COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Card: a tool to make sure patients who are deaf and hard of hearing or need to communicate visually can easily understand and be understood by vaccine clinic staff. 

    Vermont Department of Health Resources

    Things you should know about the COVID-19 vaccine:
    A Health Department handout answering frequently asked questions: Arabic Burmese French Kirundi Nepali Somali Spanish Swahili Vietnamese


    Provider Calls, Training, and Additional Resources

    The Immunization Program holds semi-regular provider calls, and comprehensive programmatic updates go out by e-mail bi-monthly. Links to past editions, recordings and slide decks are made available for reference.The CDC creates vaccine-specific and generalized COVID-19 vaccine training, available with CE credit  

    Immunization Program Provider Calls, Trainings, and Updates

    For all past Immunization Program communications sent out by E-mail, see Notices and Memos for Health Care Providers on the main Immunization Program website

    Provider Call Recordings and Slide decks

    Additional Training

    CDC Training Resources

    COVID-19 Vaccine Webinar Series (CDC)
    Short 15-20 minute videos reviewing common COVID-19 vaccination topics, accompanied by additional resources. 

    COVID-19 Vaccine Training Modules (CDC)
    Click through training reviewing general best practices and vaccine-specific content.

    You Call the Shots (CDC)
    Interactive web-based training course on vaccine-preventable diseases, general vaccine administration, and best practices.  

    COCA Calls/Webinars (CDC)
    Subject matter experts present key emergency preparedness and response topics, followed by meaningful Q&A with participants. Each COCA Call/Webinar will offer clinicians the most up-to-date information and guidance.

    ACIP Meeting Information
    ACIP slide decks and meeting information are available for review, often providing valuable information on new COVID-19 vaccine guidance.  

    Additional Information

    COVID-19 Vaccine Pre-Clinic Training Packet for Vaccinators 
    We continue to provide vaccines to the eligible public. To do this, we need health professionals to give vaccinations. This training is both required training if working in a Health Department-run clinic, and a list of references to help prepare for large vaccination clinics if called upon.


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