Cancer Data

The Center for Health Statistics conducts surveillance of cancer among Vermonters and creates data products to assist in making data driven decisions for cancer prevention and control.


Cancer is the leading cause of death in Vermont. Each year more than 3,600 Vermonters are diagnosed with some form of cancer.

Early Detection and Screening

Early detection of cancer in people without symptoms (also called screening) can help to find and treat cancer early, leading to better outcomes. Promoting nationally recognized screening tests is a priority for the Vermont Department of Health.

All Vermont adults should discuss cancer prevention, screening and early detection with their health care provider. This type of discussion can help idividuals better understand their risk for developing cancer, and decide what tests are most appropriate based on their specific family and health history.


Cancer develops gradually as a result of many different factors related to lifestyle choices, environment and genetics. Anyone can develop cancer, but many cancers can be prevented.

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