Tracking Tobacco Use in Vermont

Public Health Statistics conducts surveillance of the burden of tobacco use among Vermonters and creates data reports to assist the Vermont Tobacco Control Program in making data-driven decisions for tobacco prevention and control. Tobacco surveillance data also provides information to the public about tobacco use in their communities.

Tobacco use prevalence has declined significantly among adults and youth in Vermont over the last decade. There are significant disparities in tobacco use among several sub-populations in Vermont, including those with less education, lower income, racial/ethnic minorities, sexual and gender minorities, and those with a mental health or substance abuse diagnosis.

Tobacco Use Surveillance Reports

Tobacco Data Pages

Tobacco data pages are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of tobacco use among adults and youth in Vermont from multiple surveillance sources. They are useful as a resource for anyone interested in Vermont tobacco data, especially those who may want to use one or more slides in a presentation.

Special Topic Tobacco Data Briefs

Tobacco data briefs are short, two to four page publications on specific tobacco-related topics.

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