Vermonters Are in Good Health

According to the 2022 Annual Report from America’s Health Rankings, Vermont continues to be one of the healthiest states in the nation. However, we acknowledge that not everyone in Vermont experiences the same opportunities to be as healthy as they would like.  

Data Drives Public Health

Tracking, measuring, reporting and using data helps us to identify trends, pinpoint areas of concern and create community-based health solutions. The decisions that shape public health policy, made by public health professionals, community leaders, and policymakers, are informed by the Health Department's reliable health information and systems. By understanding Vermonters' unique health challenges, we can work toward a healthier and more resilient Vermont.

There are several ways to access Health Department data to see local breakdowns, trends over time, visualizations and maps, equity and disparities information, topic-specific data and much more. 


Link to Data LocationDescription of Data

Data Encyclopedia 

A catalog of data sources

The Data Encyclopedia provides an overview of data sources that are maintained and utilized by the Department of Health. These data resources are used to assess and track population health outcomes and contributors to disease in Vermont.  It is intended to provide a high-level description of the type of information in each data source, the potential uses and limitations of the data, and the existing reports summarizing the data. 

The Data Encyclopedia was revised in 2022 to show which health equity and social determinants of health indicators are collected by each data source. 

Environmental Public Health Tracking 

The relationship between health and the environment

The Environmental Public Health Tracking page contains information about the relationship between the environment and health in Vermont. The Environmental Public Health Tracking program provides data and information through data briefs, newsletters, and dashboards which are updated frequently.  

From this page you can find data for numerous topic areas at state, county, and subcounty geographies. 

Healthy Vermonters 

Vermont priorities from the national Healthy People framework

The Healthy Vermonters page introduces our set of priority population indicators based on the national Healthy People framework. This data helps us understand how we are doing in comparison to the nation as a whole.  

From this page you can link to current and past Healthy Vermonters data and related information. 

Data Explorer 

An interactive dashboard with local data

The Data Explorer is an interactive dashboard that includes our Healthy Vermonters population indicators. It includes regional data about high priority health issues that affect Vermonters. These geographic breakdowns are important for understanding the variable outcomes for people living in different areas of our state. 

The Data Explorer can be found on the Healthy Vermonters page. 

The data is broken down by county, health district and hospital service area, where available. 

Performance Scorecards 

Report cards for performance data, population outcomes, with narratives about the data

The Health Department Performance Scorecards are a set of report cards that show how we and our partners are working to achieve our shared goals for improving public health. The Scorecards include data related to Healthy Vermonters and our State Health Improvement Plan. 

The Scorecards show state level population data, department level program performance data, and include narrative information about what the data means and why it is important.  

Special Topics Reporting

Epidemiologic surveillance data on diverse topics

Epidemiologic surveillance collects, collates, analyzes, and disseminates information about the health and well-being of Vermonters to inform public policy and guide health promotion efforts. This includes data on infectious disease, chronic disease, injury, maternal and child health, and factors that contribute to outcomes in these areas. 

Variety of division and program-specific data

Browse our Health Department website to find a wealth of data related to specific divisions and programs. Across our site you can find vital records, registries, data briefs, surveillance data, topic-specific dashboards, customer surveys, and more.