Tracking Ticks in Vermont

The Vermont Tick Tracker is a crowd-sourced tool that allows anyone to contribute to our understanding of ticks in Vermont. Ticks have become quite abundant in many parts of Vermont. Fourteen different tick species have been identified in Vermont, but only five are known to carry pathogens — such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites — that cause disease in humans. Climate change and other ecological changes may affect the distribution and abundance of these ticks. The Tick Tracker allows Vermonters to better understand and share how these changes may be occurring.

Spot a Tick?

Use our interactive Tick Tracker to share information about where and what kind of ticks you have found. Report on any ticks you come across — the more reports posted, the better the information for all!

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Your Questions Answered
Why check for ticks?

Ticks have become quite abundant in many parts of Vermont. While they are mostly a nuisance, some ticks carry pathogens, such as the bacteria that causes Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdorferi). If an infected tick bites you and stays on for long enough, disease transmission is possible, and you may become sick.

Prevent tick bites and know what to do if you've been bitten by a tick

How can I learn more about tickborne diseases in Vermont?
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