Vaccine Ordering

Infant receiving vaccine

This page serves as a resource for provider offices enrolled in Vermont Child Vaccine Program (VCVP) and Vermont Adult Vaccine Program (VAVP). Providers and the Vermont Department of Health Immunization Program share stewardship of vaccine purchased through these programs. In order to protect against loss and ensure sufficient supply, proper vaccine inventory management is essential for all enrolled providers. Therefore, the ordering process requires a full accounting of state-provided doses. Concurrent with each order, provider office staff must report all vaccine loss, transfer, and administration from the previous order period.

Vaccine inventory Management SysteM (VIMS)

Vaccine Orders and accompanying documentation are submitted by provider offices to the Immunization Program through the Vaccine Inventory Management System (VIMS). VIMS is accessed through the Vermont Immunization Registry (IMR). Once logged into the IMR, find the VIMS link under Programs on the Patient Profile Home page.  

Go to the Immunization Registry


If you do not have access to the IMR, visit the website and complete a Confidentiality Agreement or call (888) 688-4667. New Users should contact the Immunization Program ( to set up a VIMS training call.


In VIMS, all vaccine inventory activity is documented using forms called Requests. When placing a routine vaccine order in VIMS, a user completes the Requests in the order they appear in the menu as illustrated below.

Note: Transfer and Adjust Requests can be completed at any time; the user does not need to wait until ordering to submit these. A Reconcile Request must be submitted no more than seven days prior to placing an order.


Below you will find a series of Quick Guides that will help you navigate each section in VIMS as well as a complete User Guide.

Transfer Requests
Title Date Type
Transfer: How To
Transfer Requests document the movement of state supplied vaccines between practices enrolled in Vermont's VCVP and VAVP programs. One-page guide and checklist for reporting transfers
06/21/2018 PDF Download
Adjust Requests
Title Date Type
Adjust: How To
How to complete an Adjust Request
06/20/2018 PDF Download
Adjust: Quick Guide
Adjust Requests are used to report vaccine inventory activities other than administration or transfer. Select Adjust from the Request menu to return vaccines, report waste or document otherwise unaccounted for doses.
06/21/2018 PDF Download
Adjust: Return or Waste?
Explains the difference between "Return" and "Waste" within an Adjust Request
06/19/2018 PDF Download
Adjust: Return Shipping
How to ship non-viable vaccine to the distributor
06/18/2018 PDF Download
Reconcile Requests
Title Date Type
Reconcile: Completing the Table
Defines the terms used on the VIMS worksheet and highlights required fields
06/19/2018 PDF Download
Reconcile: Taking Stock
Recommendations on taking a vaccine inventory using the VIMS worksheet
06/20/2018 PDF Download
Reconcile: Common Errors
How to resolve common system errors in a Reconcile Request
06/17/2018 PDF Download
Reconcile: Quick Guide
The submission of a Reconcile Request is required before a provider can place a vaccine order. The Reconcile Request should provide a summary of all vaccine inventory activity in the reporting period.
04/01/2020 PDF Download
Reconcile: Tips
Summary of recommendations from users
06/18/2018 PDF Download
Order Requests
Title Date Type
Order: Tracking
Describes how a user can find tracking information in VIMS
06/19/2018 PDF Download
Order: Basics
An Order Request includes shipping information and a list of the vaccines a provider office is eligible to order. A Vaccine Contact completes the request and, once reviewed by the Immunization Program, it is forwarded to the distributors for fulfillment.
06/21/2018 PDF Download
Order: Defining Terms
Defines terms used in the header of the Order Table
06/20/2018 PDF Download
Complete VIMS User Guide
Title Date Type
Complete VIMS User Guide
A detailed, step-by-step VIMS manual for Vaccine Contacts
06/21/2018 PDF Download