Public Health GIS Special Topic Apps

Public Health GIS Special Topic Apps

The Health Department supports several web apps that address important public health issues using GIS technology. Some example use cases are: 

  • See if cyanobacteria blooms might affect your summertime water recreation plans.
  • Find out if others have reported presence of ticks near your favorite hiking spot.
  • Find a fire or ambulance station where you can volunteer to join the Vermont Medical Reserve Corps.
  • Examine tobacco-related data trends.


 Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae) Tracker

Screenshot of VDH's Cyanobacteria Tracker

Tick Tracker

Screenshot of VDH's Tick Tracker

Address Finder

MRC OnCall Station Finder

Image of the VDH OnCall App

OnCall App

 Tobacco CounterTools  (this map requires VDH credentials)

Image of VDH CounterTools App

CounterTools App

Travel Clinic Finder