X-Rays: Information for Facilities and Inspection Reports

X-Rays: Information for Facilities and Inspection Reports

Guidance and Recommendations for Health Care Facilities

All facilities that have radiation-producing machines must register their machines on an annual basis and must notify the Health Department of any changes in ownership, address or machines. At this time vendors, installers and service providers are not required to register with the Health Department.

Note: not all suggestions may be appropriate for a given facility. Most of the information in these documents can serve as best practice tips. Inspection requirements are indicated by the word “shall.”

X-Ray Inspection Reports

The Radiological Health Program inspects x-ray instruments and licenses x-ray facilities.

X-ray inspection reports are summaries of all inspections conducted over one year. The reports include data for all x-ray inspections and for specific facility types—such as dental, medical, chiropractic, podiatric and veterinary facilities.