Information on opioid prescribing and medication for opioid use disorder.
Information for health professionals to help their patients with issues related to alcohol and other drugs.
Patients who have low socioeconomic status are most at risk for oral disease and have the least access to dental care. Many people who don’t receive regular dental care rely on their primary care physician to tell them if there...
Supporting the development and maintenance of a qualified, competent and numerable alcohol and drug professional workforce. Find training and continuing education resources.
More than 200 primary care practices and 350+ individual and group dental practices are located throughout Vermont. Here is information about FQHCs, Rural Health Centers and free clinics.
We gather data on 40+ health care professions. From this we can calculate ratios of population to provider full-time equivalents, identify and direct resources to areas of greatest need.
A variety of federal and state funded educational loan repayment and scholarship programs are available to health care professionals in Vermont. These incentive programs often help meet the needs of Vermonters in underserved areas. Many of these programs require a...
X-ray instruments are insepected regularly, and x-ray facilities are licensed to protect the public from unnecessary exposure to radiation.
The Health Department works with a number of State and community partners on research, quality improvement, and health care reform activities to have a positive impact on pediatric medical care.
Through good nutrition, WIC helps ensure optimal health outcomes for pregnant people, new parents, and families with infants and young children.