The State of Health Equity in Vermont Some people in Vermont have more opportunities to lead a healthy life than others, as is seen across many data points and real-life stories. Closing the gap in health outcomes is at the...
With the rise in electronic cigarettes (e-cigarette, e-cigs or vapes) and vaping use among youth, teens and young adults, the Health Department and our team are working to prevent initiation and reduce vaping of all substances in Vermont.
Secondhand smoke comes from burning tobacco products, like cigarettes, cigars, hookahs or pipes. It’s also what’s exhaled, or breathed out, by the person smoking.
Today, more and more properties are going smoke- and vape-free because Vermont properties with clean indoor air are legal, healthy, safe and cost-effective. See below for toolkits and resources to help landlords, property managers and owners transition and maintain their...
The five-year State Health Improvement Plan, also known as the SHIP, combines the data from the State Health Assessment with strategies to improve health outcomes and reduce inequities in five priority areas.
The Health Department is committed to improving health equity. Health equity is inherent in our mission to protect and promote the best of health for all Vermonters.
Healthy community design means planning and designing communities that supports active living and healthy eating, making it easier for people to live healthy lives.