Programs & Services

Programs & Services

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Substance use network of programs and services

The Division of Substance Use Programs supports a network of community partners to promote and deliver a wide range of substance use information, prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery programs and services to prevent and eliminate the health impacts of alcohol, cannabis, opioids and other drug use. We coordinate with professionals to support healthy lifestyles for Vermonters.

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Alcohol and drug prevention programs help support communities to grow in wellness and health. Prevention works!

Preventing substance misuse reduces the risk factors that contribute to alcohol, tobacco or other drug use – while promoting protective factors that support healthy lifestyles and communities.

Supporting strong family connections has helped to reduce alcohol and marijuana use among youth in Vermont.  Family programs promote healthy family relationships and strengthen parenting skills to help prevent and address youth alcohol or other drug use.

The Rocking Horse program is a free, 10-session educational support group that serves pregnant and parenting women who are at risk for alcohol or drug misuse – or who are experiencing the effects of a partner’s substance misuse.

Most people who misuse prescription medications get them from friends or family – often straight out of the medicine cabinet. Find out how to properly store and get rid of prescription medications.

Learn about the different ways you can get help with substance use disorders and find the type of treatment that is right for you. Treatment is effective!

If you are in crisis you are given priority for treatment. If you are pregnant and inject drugs, you have first priority for treatment and are seen within 48 hours.

Recovery from substance use disorders is a process. People recover!

If convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, you must successfully complete the Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program (IDRP) before your privilege to drive can be reinstated. (Formerly known as Project CRASH.)