Smoke-free Housing

Smoke-free Housing

Smoke-free housing

Today, more and more properties - from market rate housing to public housing - are going smoke-free. That's because a smoke-free property is legal, healthy, safe and cost effective. The Tobacco Control Program has produced a toolkit to help landlords make their Vermont properties smoke-free.

Download the Smoke-free Housing Toolkit

The toolkit helps landlords understand the rules for different property types and details steps to create, implement and enforce a smoke-free policy.

Smoke-free housing toolkit resources

The toolkit offers resources for landlords to download and use as they transition their property(s) smoke-free.

Fact Sheet

The Smoke-Free Housing Fact Sheet is for property owners, landlords and property managers who are interested in exploring a smoke-free policy for their multi-unit buildings.

Tenant Surveys

Surveys can help landlords to gather ideas, determine what areas to cover in a policy and help residents feel involved from the start.

Tenant Lease and Violation Letter
Property Signs and Posters
  •  Landlords and others may complete the Signage Order Form for free and customizable permanent signage including business name or logo.
  •  The Tips to Quit Tobacco poster encourages residents to quit.
  •  The Quit Your Way Poster provides residents with resources for quit support.
  •  Landlords may customize the Smoke-Free Housing Poster to announce the start date of a smoke-free policy and provide residents with resources for quit support.
  • The Resident FAQ sheet is for landlords to reference and distribute to answer questions frequently asked by tenants. 
The Year After Guide
smoke-free housingThe Year After Guide is a resource that details what landlords may experience during the process of going smoke-free and recommended actions along the way.