Board of Medical Practice

The Vermont Board of Medical Practice licenses allopathic physicians, physician assistants and podiatrists, and certifies anesthesiologist assistants and radiologist assistants.

Nurses, osteopaths and other health professionals are regulated by the Secretary of States's Office of Professional Regulation.

The Board also investigates complaints and charges of unprofessional conduct against any health care professional it licenses or certifies, and determines if charges are substantiated.

Contact Information

Licensing Questions (M-F, 7:45 am - 4:30 pm) - 802-657-4223 or

Mailing address 108 Cherry Street, PO Box 70, Burlington, VT 05402
Street address 108 Cherry Street, Suite 206, Burlington, VT, 05401

Phone (802) 657-4220
Fax (802) 657-4227

Warning of SCAM Email Sent to Medical Professionals
The Vermont Board of Medical Practice has learned that some licensees have received an email message claiming that the State of Vermont requires licensees to respond to the message and verify demographic information in order to maintain their medical license.  That message is not from the Board of Medical Practice and you should not respond to it.  IT IS A SCAM

When you are required to respond to the Board you will be asked to use your secure, online account, or you will receive instructions asking you to respond using our State of Vermont email addresses or postal mailing address.  If you ever have any questions about whether a communication that purports to be from the Board is legitimate, you can contact us directly or verify our contact information on this webpage.

For any licensee who has responded to an email that asked you to provide personal information, your information may have been compromised.  Typically the purpose of those scams is to engage in some kind of identity theft or other fraudulent scheme.  Information about how to protect yourself is available on the website of the Vermont Consumer Assistance Program, which is operated by the University of Vermont and the Vermont Attorney General’s Office.

David K. Herlihy
Executive Director
Vermont Board of Medical Practice

DEA Warns of Scam Targeting Prescribers

NOTICE TO LICENSEES: The DEA has issued a press release warning health care professionals that criminals posing as DEA agents or other law enforcement personnel have been targeting prescribers in schemes attempting to extort money by demanding immediate payment of "fines" to avoid arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment. If you or someone you know has received a call, you may report it via the online reporting form contained in the link to this article.

In This Section

Check out these frequently asked questions about medical licensure or certification in Vermont.

Use the eLicense system to find public information about physicians, physician assistants, anesthesiologist assistants or radiologist assistants licensed in Vermont.

Here are the forms and information required for medical licensure and certification in Vermont. You must complete both the online application and the required forms, which are downloadable here. 

The Board of Medical Practice is committed to protecting the public, promoting good practice, and supporting our licensees with licensing services and information.

The Board is composed of medical professionals and public members who serve as a neutral and independent body commissioned to oversee the practice of medicine and to protect the public.

The dates listed on this schedule are provided for the convenience of those interested in the licensing process. 

Here you will find links to statutes, rules, policies and resources to help you find the answers to questions about medical practice in Vermont.

The Board investigates complaints of unprofessional conduct and may issue reprimands or revoke, suspend or place conditions on professional licenses and certifications, or take action where appropriate to protect public health and safety.