Drinking Water Laboratory Certification

The Vermont Department of Health certifies laboratories analyzing drinking water as per Vermont Statute 18 V.S.A § 501b. Applicant laboratories need to be accredited by a National Environmental Laboratory Accrediting Program (NELAP) recognized Accrediting Authority to National Environmental Laboratory Accrediting Conference (NELAC) standards before the department will consider issuing a Department of Health drinking water certification to the laboratory. Changes to Vermont Statute 18 V.S.A § 501b, Certification of Laboratories, effective January 1, 2013, require certification for laboratories that perform testing on Vermont private drinking water samples in addition to samples for monitoring under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SWDA).  

Laboratories are also required to “…submit the results of groundwater analyses to the Department of Health and the Agency of Natural Resources in a format required by the Department of Health.” Find more information about required format on our Drinking Water page Resources for Certified Drinking Water Laboratories.

A completed application for certification includes:

  • Appropriate fees
  • Laboratory’s current NELAC accreditation
  • Scope and onsite report with the laboratory corrective action responses
  • Acceptable Proficiency Testing results
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