Emergency Preparedness in Lamoille Valley

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The Morrisville Local Health Office works with local partners to prepare, respond and recover from public health emergencies. Staff in the Morrisville Office are trained and ready to respond to public health emergencies so that people in our community can stay healthy and safe. We work with local, state and federal partners to make sure we are prepared to distribute medicine, supplies and information to residents of Lamoille Valley in a health emergency.

The Morrisville District played a vital role in coordinating the local response to recent public health emergencies that impacted our community, including:

  •  Warm Weather & Heat Waves in 2018
  • Increasing tick population and risk of tick-borne diseases
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Medicine Distribution Sites Wanted

During some public health emergencies, the Morrisville Local Health Office will set up a site where medications can be distributed to the community. The site, called a "point of distribution" or POD site, helps the Health Department get medicine to people who need it as quickly as possible.

We are arranging partnerships with private distribution sites. This allows an organization to distribute medicine to their own employees and their families. We are interested in working with community partners, both public and private, who would like to become a pre-arranged distribution site. If there is a public health emergency, this will allow distributing medicine to employees and their families to prevent infection or disease. This helps to safeguard business and organization continuity.

Are you a large local business or organization interested in becoming a distribution site? Contact our office at 802-888-7447.

How We Prepare

We provide support and participate in hospital preparedness with Copley Hospital, help exercise hospital plans and serve on the Copley Emergency Preparedness Committee.

We serve on the county's Local Emergency Preparedness Committee. We attend meetings throughout the country to provide assistance and answer questions about data, health department initiatives and resources, and emergency preparedness from a public health standpoint.

We maintain agreements with community partners to ensure that mass clinic space is available on short notice in times of disaster or public health emergencies.

We provide presentations to first responders, health care agencies and schools on public health emergency preparedness.

We ensure our staff is trained and ready with needed equipment if called upon to support a public health emergency.

We conduct emergency preparedness exercises. Led by a local office staff member, these scenarios allow our staf to run through hypothetical public health emergencies. We practice taking steps to notify the public, set up clinics and distribute medications and vaccinations.

volunteers in school gym The Lamoille Valley Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a community-based program of volunteers who donate their time and expertise to promote health living throughout the year and to prepare for and respond to emergencies. Volunteers set up and staff first aid stations at events, provide first aid and help community members prepare for emergencies.

MRC volunteers strengthen our community's health and resiliency in the face of an emergency. You do not need to be in the medical field to volunteer.

Learn more about becoming an MRC volunteer.

See MRC events

Community Partners

We collaborate with state and local partners to educate our community on how to safely and effectively prepare for emergencies. Here is a list of partners:

Vermont 2-1-1 - Check Vermont 2-1-1 for information on cooling shelters, cold weather information and many other community resources.

Lamoille Local Emergency Planning Committee

Lamoille County Regional Planning Commission and the Northern Vermont Development Association