Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services

Vermont's Emergency Medical Services system – or EMS – responds to medical emergencies daily. EMS is an integrated system for emergency medical treatment and transportation of sick and injured patients.

The Vermont Office of Emergency Medical Services works on behalf of Vermonters to ensure that the EMS system is adequately equipped and prepared to provide the best out-of-hospital emergency care possible. There are nearly 180 ambulance and first responder agencies in the state, and most of our 3,000 licensed EMS personnel are volunteers.

The Vermont EMS Office is available to answer all your questions. Send us an email or call us at 802-863-7310.

vermont ems policies 

Policies are used to guide the EMS profession and refine the intent of the Vermont EMS Rule. You can see the current collection of Vermont EMS Policies in the Policies, Documents, Forms and Meeting Minutes section below.


2023 Personnel License Renewal Season is now open!
(New as of 11/17/2022)

If your Vermont EMS license expires between now and June 30, we strongly encourage you to renew your National Registry certification and submit your license renewal application as soon as possible. Due to the expected high volume in May and June, applications submitted after May 31 might not be processed before the June 30 deadline. You cannot practice on an expired license even if your renewal application has been submitted. 


Resources for First Response Services
(New as of 11/06/2022)

Reference materials designed to help support First Response services that have not previously submitted electronic patient care reports are now available. 


2023 Statewide EMS Protocols
(New as of 11/03/2022)

The 2023 Statewide EMS Protocols have been released and EMS services can begin transitioning. Available materials include the 2023 Statewide EMS Protocols, the Summary of Changes, and the Protocol Resource Kit (your guide to transitioning to the new statewide protocols).

EMS services can begin familiarizing and training staff; all services must complete training by no later than January 31st, 2023.


LIGHTS - An Online EMS Licensing and Course Management System

The Vermont EMS LIGHTS database is an online EMS license management system built by ImageTrend, the creators of the Vermont SIREN incident reporting system. Its web-based functionality replaces paper applications and allows users to apply for and manage agency and personnel licenses, enroll in EMS courses and exam sites, update demographic information, and look up licensing records.     

Vermont Statewide EMS Protocols

The Vermont EMS Office is committed to supporting the delivery of excellent, evidence-based emergency care to all Vermonters and our visitors. To that end, we are constantly reviewing our treatment protocols, and we publish one major revision every two years. You can download the most recent version below:


Other Important Updates (updated 11/17/22)

SIREN Changes for the Transition to NEMSIS 3.5
(Updated 10/04/2022)

We have begun the transition to NEMSIS 3.5 and information regarding this is now available


Interfacility Transfers Protocol
(Updated 02/23/2022)

This updated protocol aims to ensure interfacility transfers (IFT) comply with current VT law, licensure, and EMS protocols. It is intended to promote efficiency in IFT while maintaining patient safety. Check out the latest updates to interfacility transfer protocols.

In This Section

The Vermont EMS LIGHTS database is an online EMS license management system. Learn more about using this new system.

If you are interested in becoming a Vermont EMS practitioner, we recommend that you contact the EMS agencies near you to find out how to become a member or employee of their organization.

There are a number of programs and initiatives for EMS agencies looking to expand their scope of practice, increase their volunteer ranks and become more engaged in their community.

Vermont EMS has played an active role in combatting high-consequence pathogens like mpox (human monkeypox virus) and COVID-19. Find resources to assist you and your agency during the mpox and COVID-19 responses. 

The Vermont Statewide Incident Reporting Network (SIREN) is a comprehensive electronic prehospital patient care data collection, analysis, and reporting system that has been in use since 2010. EMS reporting serves several important functions, including legal documentation, quality improvement initiatives, billing, and evaluation of individual and agency performance measures.

Find out about upcoming EMS trainings, class schedules, practical exam schedules, leadership calls, regional and EMS Advisory Committee meetings.

The Vermont EMS office licenses nearly 180 ambulance and first responder agencies and 2,800 licensed patient care providers.

Find contact information for Vermont EMS Office staff, EMS services, and EMS district chairs, training coordinators and medical advisors.

Save lives in your community and become an EMS practitioner! Check out EMS employment opportunities.

Here are important documents you will need to take a practical exam, apply for or renew a personnel license, operate an EMS agency, provide training, become a HeartSafe community, or offer Public Access Defibrillation.