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Formerly known as AFIX, Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers is a CDC program using evidence-based strategies to increase the percent of children and adolescents who are vaccinated on time. Through this program, Health Department Immunization Designees meet with practices throughout Vermont to share 2-year-old and adolescent immunization rates and discuss strategies to increase immunization coverage. 

IQIP Visits

During a meeting, Immunization Designees work closely with practice staff to develop an action plan, which includes training and resources from the Health Department. Designees have a phone check-in with each practice two and six months later to track progress and provide additional support as needed.  12 months later a follow-up meeting also serves as the start of the next cycle, when practices can choose to continue IQIP.

For practices already working with Blueprint for Health on quality improvement measures, the area Blueprint facilitator will be invited to attend IQIP meetings.  

Practices should contact the Immunization Designee at their Local Health Office to begin this process or to get more information about IQIP, recommended immunization schedules, standards for immunization practices, or use of the Vermont Immunization Registry. Your calls are always welcome!


The Community Guide

The Community Guide is a credible website that hosts the official collection of findings from the Community Preventive Services Task Force and the systematic reviews that support them. It is a valuable resource with multiple applications, addressing essential questions for anyone concerned about community health and well-being.

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