Children's Personal Care Services

Children's Personal Care Services

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Sometimes children need extra help with their daily self-care routine.  Children’s Personal Care Services may be able to help families and caregivers to pay for one-on-one assistance for a child that needs assistance with dressing, bathing, grooming, toileting, eating and/or mobility.

CSHN is holding Children's Personal Care Services (CPCS) Assessor Trainings Via Microsoft Teams on:
Wednesday, May 18 2022, 1PM-3PM
Friday May 20, 2022, 9AM-11AM
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Who is eligible for Children’s Personal Care Services?

To be eligible, a child must:

  • Be younger than age 21
  • Have Vermont Medicaid
  • Be diagnosed with a health condition or disability by a doctor, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner or other licensed clinician; and
  • Need help with tasks like dressing, bathing, grooming, toileting, eating or mobility
How does a family apply for Children’s Personal Care Services?

To apply for services, the family must work with a trained assessor to complete the Children’s Personal Care application. Children with Special Health Needs also has care coordinators around the state who can help. Once the application is done, the assessor sends it to Children’s Personal Care Services to review and make a decision.

How does a family access services for their child?

Children’s Personal Care Services is mostly a family-directed support. This means that families have control over who, how and when someone provides care to their child, within Medicaid guidelines.

Many people can become your Children’s Personal Care Services employee, or personal care attendant, and families or caregivers can hire the best person to meet the needs of their child. There are, however, a few rules about who can and cannot be hired – including policies relating to family members, age of paid caregivers and background checks. See the program guidelines.

Families and caregivers use a payroll agent to help them pay personal care attendants (currently, ARIS Solutions). The payroll agent does more than just write checks. The payroll agent also makes sure that background checks are run, state and federal taxes are paid, and employees are covered by Unemployment and Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

A completed Children’s Personal Care Services application includes –

FAST 18-24 months

FAST 24-36 months

FAST 36 months – 4 years

FAST 4 – 6 years

FAST 6 – 9 years

FAST 9 – 12 years

FAST 12 – 14 years

FAST 14 – 18 years

FAST 18+  years

Children’s Personal Care Services Care Plan (A completed sample is available here)

Information about using Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) with Children’s Personal Care Services

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