Care Coordination for Children with Special Health Needs

Care Coordination for Children with Special Health Needs

Navigating health care, child care, insurance and resources for children with special health needs can be challenging. Our team of medical social workers are located throughout the state to help children, their families,and the providers who care for them.

Here are some of the ways we help families and caregivers:

  • Navigate the healthcare system
  • Provide respite funding for parents and caregivers who need a break
  • Coordinate care conferences with the various providers caring for a child
  • Collaborate with schools and special educators to create meaningful and appropriate educational plans
  • Access health insurance, medical care, and services
  • Identify services and resources that may be helpful for a child and family
  • Assist with transitions from services throughout a child’s life
  • Plan and prepare for adulthood
  • Meet children and families in a setting that is most comfortable for them
  • Connect with other specialty services within CSHN such as:
            Pediatric Palliative Care Program
            Child Development Clinic

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Children with Special Health Needs
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