How Are We Doing?

How Are We Doing?

Selected, evidence-based measures reflect current priorities based on current and emerging issues related to substance use in Vermont. These measures align with strategic plans, are informed by current data and are used to monitor performance. While we strive for continuous improvement, many of the measures reflect long term goals that involve multiple systems and providers – and these take time and coordinated efforts to change.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Programs Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is designed to provide a sustainable, long‐term framework of goals and priorities to guide decision‐making and advance progress to fulfill our vision and mission.

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Alcohol & Other Drug Use Performance Scorecard
ADAP HV2020 LogoThe Healthy Vermonters 2020 Performance Scorecard is the Health Department’s online performance management system made up of scorecards. These are interactive report cards for assessing how well Vermont is doing in relation to desired results. The scorecards reflect public health priorities identified in Vermont’s strategic plans.

Alcohol & Other Drug Use Performance Scorecard

Opioids Performance Dashboard
ADAP Opioid DashboardAddiction to opioids is a public health issue that requires a public health approach. The Departments of Health and Public Safety collaborate with community providers for a coordinated, systemic response to the complex issues of opiate and other addictions in Vermont. The opioids performance scorecard measures progress toward our desired results.

Opioids Performance Scorecard

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs - Vermont County Profiles

The misuse of alcohol, tobacco, prescription and illicit drugs affect the health of thousands of Vermonters. View Vermont county profiles relating to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

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