Promote Preventive Care and Safety

Promote Preventive Care and Safety

nurse giving man a vaccine

Preventive care, such as annual medical exams, cancer screenings and dental exams, is important to prevent and manage chronic disease. Worksites can support and encourage employees in accessing preventive care. Worksites can also help limit the spread of acute infection by encouraging employees who are sick to stay home and by promoting immunizations, such as annual flu vaccines. Along with supporting disease and infection prevention, worksites can take measures to ensure the safety of their employees and help prevent injury.


  • Use flyers, emails or other deliver methods to share about the importance of preventive care including cancer screenings, oral health, asthma management and staying up to date on adult vaccinations.
  • Promote cancer screenings at the workplace with national awareness months.
  • Promote free or low-cost screening services for under or un-insured female workers through the You First Program.
  • Promote oral health, including dental cleanings and reducing sugary drink and food consumption.
  • Provide on-site education on cancer screenings, asthma management, hypertension and diabetes prevention and management and oral health.  
  • Request a free, no penalty Project WorkSAFE consultation at your facility to help identify asthma problem areas and solutions.
  • Offer flu vaccination clinics on-site or post information on area flu clinics for the public.
  • Encourage employees to stay home when sick.
  • Allow employees to use sick leave to access preventive care.
  • Request a free, confidential, no-penalty Project WorkSAFE consultation at your facility to identify hazards and receive assistance in improving safety.
  • Offer ergonomic assessments to employees to ensure a workspace that reduces risk of injury and chronic pain.
  • Educate employees on state laws and best practices related to safe driving and develop workplace policies regarding seatbelts and mobile devices when using a vehicle of work purposes.
  • Keep routes of travel and storage areas clear of obstructions and clutter; ensure that all travel areas accomodate wheelchairs.


For more information, download Preventive Care and Safety sections of the Worksite Wellness Toolkit!