quit smoking/tobacco

quit smoking/tobacco

Tobacco Data

Public Health Statistics conducts surveillance of the burden of tobacco use among Vermonters and creates data reports to assist the Vermont Tobacco Control Program in making data-driven decisions for tobacco prevention and control.

Adult Tobacco Survey

The Vermont Adult Tobacco Survey is a telephone survey of Vermont adults (18+). The data are used to help evaluate the effectiveness of Vermont Tobacco Control Program efforts to reduce smoking and increase awareness and knowledge of smoking-related issues.


Smoking and radon are the leading causes of lung cancer. If you smoke and your home has high levels of radon, your risk of getting lung cancer is especially high.


Cancer develops gradually as a result of many different factors related to lifestyle choices, environment and genetics. Anyone can develop cancer, but many cancers can be prevented.

Policy and Law

Vermont has a long history of passing state laws and local policies to protect people from secondhand smoke, to stop youth from starting to use tobacco, and to lower the prevalence of tobacco use. Laws and bans on smoking in public places, at home and in the car, lead to quit attempts. Our comprehensive laws restrict possession of lit tobacco products and use of tobacco substitutes (e-cigarettes and other vaping devices) in work and public places, with very few exemptions. Vape shops, which are in the sole business of selling vaping or e-cigarette equipment, are exempted.


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