end of life concerns

end of life concerns

Patient Choice and Control at End of Life

Vermont residents with terminal disease have the option to be prescribed a dose of medication to hasten the end of their life. This option requires the participation of a Vermont physician. Physicians and patients must adhere to a process that provides immunity for both patients and health care providers who wish to take steps under the law.

No patient, physician or pharmacist may be required to participate in activities under the statute. Every step must be voluntary.

Create and Register An Advance Directive

Ensure that your critical health care decisions will be honored by creating and registering an advance directive.

Once you create your advance directive, you register it with the Vermont Advance Directive Registry electronic database. You are not required by law to send an advance directive to the registry. However, registered directives give hospitals and other health care providers quick access to them in an emergency. Registration is free for Vermonters.

What To Expect

One way of helping a family understand what happened to their loved one is by performing an autopsy. Here is information on what to expect about the autopsy procedure and information about burials.

Palliative Care

Each year a number of Vermont families and caregivers learn their child has a serious lifethreatening illness. Pediatric Palliative Care program has supports to help people under age 21.

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